Blizzard Shoots Down Uwe Boll WOW Project

Kotaku reports:

"Uwe Boll likes games. Likes making movies based on games. Likes making movies based on games involving swords, castles and magic. Guy's got a track record. So Uwe Boll making the World of Warcraft movie, it just fits, right? Did for Boll. Didn't for Blizzard."

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CNIVEK3887d ago

I bet they all but laughed in his face, then kicked him to the curb. In fact, I'm shocked they even granted him an audience, to even pitch his movie to them. o_0

sephiroths_revenge3887d ago


I wanted him to make WoW fails for runign peopels lifes

Leathersoup3887d ago

World of Warcraft isn't ruining peoples lives, they're ruining them on their own. They just blame WoW for their own incompetence.

Drekken3887d ago

lol, you would think blizz out of all people would of jumped at making more money off of WoW. Good for you Blizzard, you can find someone else that garnishes more respect to make this movie.

On a side note, I've lost enough of my life to WoW... no way in hell am I going to watch a raid onscreen and not get epic loot!

PS360WII3887d ago

Sweet good job Blizzard ^^ lol at you Boll! What's the sig count at? Close to a million I hope... to bad he won't quit even if there are a million sigs :(

marichuu3887d ago

Hah, Blizzard's reputation with me just went skyhigh ;D

Alcaponedyou3887d ago

the picture so it's a thumbs down.

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The story is too old to be commented.