Making Xbox One Number One

Microsoft can win the next-gen console war, and here are some strategies it might use

The battle for the title of "number one selling next-gen console" has already begun, and Microsoft faces a huge challenge from Sony. Yes, both companies can be successful with new consoles even without being the sales leader in either the US or worldwide.

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Automatic791741d ago

This article made some valid points but ultimately for us gamers its going to be about games and then all the other features. Right now MS is on the right track with an excellent launch lineup. 2014 and beyond is no different bring in the hot games and sell all the other optional features as secondary. Let gamers realize that this system can do all and be all. Just don't forget about the gamers.

christocolus1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

true..great ips should keep coming in and the gamers should always remain first. ...this goes for both consoles though.....

GrizzliS19871741d ago

The only reason xbox was ever neck and neck with the ps3 was because of its 1 year head start.

Il be as professional as i can be, for i dont need a crystal ball to analyze this.

It does not matter how well Microsoft promotes and markets the xbone, it will NEVER sell more units then the PS4, and from the getgo, it will play catch up.

I will eventually get both systems, but the world prefers the Playstation brand over the xbox as it is, and 100 dollars more than the ps4 at release is just further proof that it will never sell more, but regardless of the price, even if it was equal at 399 a piece, playstation would still outsell it world wide.

This isnt fanboy statement, this is pure fact. And dont give me the "how do you know", it doesnt take a genius to see this :/

georgeenoob1741d ago

Amazing line-up of new and old IPs, mind blowing kinect 2.0 tech, and a great entertainment system makes Xbox One the one for me.

christocolus1741d ago


im getting both consoles down the line too but an xbx 1 first and all you stated about ps4 winning next gen is based on what?what you read online (n4g) or current preorder numbers? well its your opinion and i respect that but imo ill rather sit back and watch things play out cos i dont believe in getting the xbx 1 first and so far im happy with all ms is doing with it.

Trekster_Gamer1741d ago


You say you are not a fanboy but you are stating facts on unreleased consoles! That's just about the very definition of a fanboy. Typical Sonybot... FACT!

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Ketzicorn1741d ago

I'm going PS4 to start the gen but I think PS will win the initial battle with launch numbers but MS could definitely win the war even with all the bad press. Their first year sales wise will be better IMO when they release games like Titanfall and Halo which will both move more consoles then the games I prefer like Infamous,The Show will do for PS. MS is going hard after the casuals with stuff like Xbox Fitness,Kinect games while still offering big name big hype titles both of which will drive sales as the average consumer won't know, care or even understand their former policies when picking up a console.

Magicite1741d ago

''Microsoft can win the next-gen console war''
So can happen anything. I would rather say - Microsoft might not loose next war (looking at WiiU sales) and come out 2nd.

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Deathdeliverer1741d ago

Screw all this winning and losing crap. I've got both consoles reserved and i like the PS4 offerings the most currently but that doesn't mean I will shun my xbox 1. I hope there's no "winner" and that it's a constant back and forth with sales so that there will be no arguments. That being said, there is one thing that the Xbox does have a limited time advantage on. That's the day one edition box. That shit is sexy. Can't wait for mine. After those are gone though.... I feel bad for you guys that get stuck with that baby pea soup puke box. My sexy blue ps4 box is only a month away! (I keep my boxes)

ZHZ901741d ago

Seriuosly this should be only for Xbox One section not for also PS4. the submitter should fix this.

s8anicslayer1740d ago

The reason the PS4 tag was entered is because it play's a major roll in the article in terms of comparison

josephayal1741d ago

everyone should buy it, Xbox One is awesome

Kingthrash3601741d ago

it is awsome! its the choices ms as a company has made that killz it all. the constant pr bs, the constant lies the ads, paywalls, specs. the not taking the gamer first (the very people who made you a contender in the console biz) the attempt to destroy console gaming and it freedoms.... smh they shot themselves in the foot leg ass and head with how they presented this console.
the console itself may very well be cool, awsome even. its the people behind it who have failed the console.

Magicite1741d ago

go back to your MS HQ and stop poisoning peoples minds.

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