Xbox Live Compute: The Difference Engine

Not too long ago, Sony and Microsoft laid bare the engines of their eighth generation consoles. CPU clock speeds and DDR3 Ram numbers were bandied about, GHz were brought to bear, teraflops flaunted salaciously.

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Stsonic1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

The Power Of The Cloud will rain down on all the competition, frying circuit boards As they try to keep up with the Power.

You may try to fight, you may try to hide. But you will never stop The P.O.T.C

Deadpoolio1802d ago

I hope your not serious..Since da cloud is limited by da powa of da internet that people have so it's not going to play a huge part on either system considering the large number of people with trash internet.....

Or the fact that da cloud has NO power over da graffix since Azure is not designed to work with the GPU...It will help with matchmaking and MAYBE game A.I, that's about it other than storage for gold members

buynit1802d ago

You are like a broken record deadpoolio...

I don't have trash internet, no cap and its cable... So what do you have to say to ppl like me and a lot others with great internet?

Can you come up with anything else other then the world isn't Ready?

ImG2theB1802d ago

I feel like I've heard this somewhere

Godmars2901803d ago

The Power of "Da Cloud" just brings back always online argument, in spades.

DragonKnight1802d ago

Indeed. Xbox One fanboys won't see that though, or they'll dismiss it. Adam Orth syndrome is strong in them.

Redgehammer1802d ago

I am always online. Always. My Xbox runs for days at a time, depending on if I sleep or not; so. I don't see a problem with any game using the cloud if my Internet goes down that is not MSs fault. Are all you complainers on dialup? The cloud is not the penicillin of video games, it's not a paradigm shift. However it's not magic, nor make believe. It is a nebulous service, that will have tangible effects on the games we play. I fail to understand not being able to see past the limits of ones imagination. Dedicated servers for free is pretty impressive, and should not be discounted. 2cents complete.

Godmars2901802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

And that's the blindspot for Xbox fans: they want and expect the console to only dominate, to become a #1 product among general consumers, but only only think of themselves.

If Cloud dependency becomes a thing, that brings back questions with people who have poor or no internet access. Like the military.

"Dedicated servers for free is pretty impressive, and should not be discounted."

What are you smoking?!

You pay for XBL to get those dedicated servers. You pay for PS+ to get them on PS4!

You owe us two cents.

[email protected]:
Wait. So the Xbox 360 never had games which had dedicated servers but the PS3 has some which did?

Though all I really know is that where something like ChromeHounds is no longer playable - I'm guessing - I can still play Warhawk, which still seem well populated but is deadly to anyone rusty like myself.

DragonKnight1802d ago

Oh I see, so because you're always online that equals everyone is as well right? It also completely negates the lack of proper infrastructure and ignores the problem of latency. But no, no, you're online all the time so it's perfectly ok right? Yeah, I'm sure everyone is going to see it your way.

Also, why are Xbox One fanboys acting like dedicated servers is a new thing? Where was this excitement for dedicated servers with the Xbox 360? Oh wait... there were none... PS3 had them. Well don't I look foolish.

DragonKnight1802d ago

@Godmars290: Unless 3rd party publishers supplied dedicated servers themselves, Live on 360 is a P2P network, so no dedicated servers for first party games unless someone has an example of a game that does.

PSN however had several games with dedicated servers. Warhawk was one such game, Demon's Souls as well (though that was a 3rd party game, it was published by Sony and I believe Sony provided the dedicated servers for the game in Japan and Europe while Atlus did so for NA).

So I find it funny that people think the PS4 is suddenly going to be P2P and they gush over Live finally having dedicated servers like it's some kind of new tech and innovative.

Redgehammer1802d ago

Godmars, They're free to the developers. I know I pay for XBL., but when I used to play TF2 on the PC the best servers were ones that wanted you to pay to join. PSN will be charging to play online, and has Sony announced free dedicated servers to all developers there? I live in the US, and everyone I know has broadband, always on. I didn't see cloud dependency mentioned, augmentation seems more apropos. If a Game is great sans the cloud, but offers even more with the cloud, how is the disconnected person being screwed, because great is great. As long as all customers are being catered to, then what's the problem.

I am speaking from the point of view of all of my 40 year old+ gamer friends, that are also always connected., and my own view of course. Gears of War 3 has dedicated servers. You dismiss the cost Microsoft is swallowing by allowing every developer access to free dedicated servers. Every game could potentially be dedicated, and is that a bad thing.?

""We are giving this resource away to them for free, so there is a huge incentive to utilise it on Xbox One as much as possible."

"But I do think that will be advantages to the smaller game shops that had previously been spooked about getting into the server development because of the financial obstacle or the development obstacle there. That was one of the big intents, to take this barrier to entry of server development away and let these developers really explore what they could do with the cloud without having to worry about allocating financial resources or server developers to the problem."

Again how is that a bad thing?

Godmars2901802d ago

The "big thing" is that the servers aren't free. That's why Sony's charging for online multiplayer: to support the dedicated server network for PS4.

Really, that's been the big complaint about XBL on the 360: that people were paying to access XBL network for things like multiplayer and Netflix, when in reality the multiplayer was P2P and Netflix was it's own separate service. That XBL was primarily superficial surface which MS only made money from.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141802d ago

And for today's forecast -

Cloudy, with a high chance of bullshit.
Back to you, phil.

DragonKnight1802d ago

*sigh* This again? That's it, every time I see a "cloud power" article the only appropriate response I'll be able to have is this...

Blaze9291802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

then why do you keep clicking on them, taking the time out to think of a comment, type the comment, then take the time out to hit add comment?

DragonKnight1802d ago

That's a good point. Now that I've posted the appropriate response for all future articles of this subject, I have no need to any further. Too bad people will actually believe this PR nonsense though. Ah well.

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