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Dark Souls 2 Beta Impressions — Yeah, This Game Is Still Really Hard

GF - "While it’s still a stinging disappointment that we won’t see Dark Souls 2 until March of next year, From Software at least softened the blow by giving a lucky group of gamers access to a nearly three-hour-long beta test that ran last Saturday. I managed to log a little more than two hours in the beta, and after getting skewered, stabbed, sliced, pounded and trampled — often repeatedly — the only thought on my mind was: “I want more.” (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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WillGuitarGuy  +   408d ago
I'm still crossing my fingers to get in to the upcoming beta. Thanks for uploading the vid. I needed some more DS2 content.
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   408d ago
Must ... resist ... possible ... spoiler. ..
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stavrami  +   408d ago
not that ive played this beta but did anyone else find dark souls a walk in the park in comparison to demon souls ?
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I don't know how anyone could possibly say that. They were both equally difficult in my opinion. They just had slight gameplay differences from each other.
stavrami  +   408d ago
Don't get me wrong I loved both games equally both up there in my favorite game collection but dark souls just did not feel quite as difficult . Might be because I knew what to expect after dark souls I don't know . What I do know is it took me 5 hrs to get past the beginning mission of demon souls .lokking back at dark souls there's no recollection of me getting stuck how I did on demon souls . I just was not sure if I was the only one or not judging by the downvotes and ur comment I was obviously wrong and must of had a very lucky run
Demon souls was really hard for me because I have never played anything like it before and had know idea how to play it properly. That is the only reason it was harder for some people but if both games are equally hard if you are talking about gameplay. I think anyone would think there first souls experience is gonna be incredibly brutal and unforgiving though so i'll give you that.
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   408d ago
I think it is that we got used to the difficulty
stavrami  +   408d ago
Yea I think ur right demon souls punished me so much .tbh I've never felt rage quite like it perhaps I was PREPARED TO DIE by the time dark souls had come along
TriangleOffense  +   408d ago
Yes dark was easier because 60-70% of it was recycled from demons souls
Swiggins  +   408d ago
It felt easier because you played Demons Souls first, and your experiences in that game translated very well into Dark Souls.

I played Dark Souls first and then absolutely breezed through Demons Souls.

Demons Souls also had a much easier to abuse Magic System, (lol Second Chance)
dcj0524  +   408d ago
Same here. Its wasn't easy but it was no where near hard.
j-blaze  +   407d ago
i don't get the ppl saying Demon's Souls was harder than Dark Souls..Dark Souls has a place called Tomb of the Giants, and enemies like skeletons "especially pinwheel and giant dog like skeletons" Great Feline, dinosaur like creatures, annoying endless mosquitoes, ghosts, harder bosses "some come out of nowhere", more traps etc...both are great game but Dark Souls was more challenging
Gamesgbkiller  +   408d ago
Loved the beta.

Can't wait to try it again.

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