Valhalla Knights 3 Review [Capsule Computers]

Joe Morgan of Capsule Computers wrote :

The Valhalla Knights franchise has been around on portable PlayStation systems since its franchise debut in 2006. With the release of the PlayStation Vita, K2 LLC and XSEED are once again looking to deliver an action roleplaying game to folks with that fantasy itch.

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militissanctus1682d ago

Man....that's too bad. I really wanted this to be awesome.

stavrami1682d ago

mixed reviews seen some around 7-8 .main issues i hear of is loading times feel long. ive got this turning up tomorrow so ill soon find out although i will be slightly biased as playing rpg's is my thing

militissanctus1682d ago

I love RPGs. I can handle the grinding to a point...but it sounds like the game goes out of its way to keep you from enjoying it :\

Hope you enjoy your copy when you get it in!

wynams1682d ago

Subjective review opinions are one thing, but those textures and animations do not look like a $40 Vita game to me.

militissanctus1682d ago

Yeah...that review mentions that it looks like a PSP game. That's too bad. I had high hopes for the game.

r211682d ago

Lets be honest, theres not a lot 3rd party Japanese devs that are going to produce high end graphics, let alone on a handheld. As long as its abit of a step up of PSP visuals, it a ok in my books.

r211682d ago

Well as long as combats fun and grindy like the first one then im absolutely going to like this one.