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refocusedman1741d ago

Can't wait to check this out! Tlou multiplayer has provided me with hrs of entertainment.

Nicaragua1741d ago

I agree.

Best multiplayer game i have played in ages. It makes a really nice change from the usualy onslaught of FPS games.

minimur121741d ago

I am really impressed with it, I've played it a bit so I'm definitely geting this. I'm going to purchase theseason pass today :)

king_george1741d ago

I absolutely love that it focuses on TEAM PLAY and gathering supplies. I dare anyone to try and go it alone in this game against a good team. 9 times out of 10 you will get ur ass kicked. You NEED ur team and thats what makes it so much fun :)

See you guys online on the new maps! :)

VsAssassin1741d ago

Also note that the DLC will arrive along with patch 1.05 which includes tweaks like:
1. Late joiners will no longer reduce their week days.
2. Late joiners will receive a proportional amount of supplies depending on the join time.
3. The 2x4 will be in supply boxes a lot less frequenly.
4. In interrogation mode, you win the match if your unlock progress is further than the opposing team.

RyanShutup1741d ago

I still have yet to check out the multiplayer... I always get anxiety when it comes to this game's multiplayer for some reason :/

abusador1741d ago

The mp is awesome but damn these companies are getting away with murder with these dlc prices!!! 10 for four maps? It may not be different than what other companies charge but then again i dont buy their dlc either. It seems like these companies inflate their map pack prices to make season passes seem more of a deal, when in reality none of these map packs should be more than 5 bucks.

Harpers_Ferry1741d ago

While I agree that map packs are typically overpriced, I'm glad that Naughty Dog are at least making efforts. Ten dollar map packs, as opposed to fifteen, and the new mode they have added was part of a free patch, rather than being held off for this pack. They also added a slew of character customization items (purely cosmetic) to the season pass, which they weren't obligated to include.

abusador1741d ago

No, i understand your point but overall in general i feel that map packs are overpriced. I m ean i remember buying Kill zone 2 map packs for like 5 dollars and they were the best maps ive ever played to date!

When Uc3 was released they held an event in NYC where i live where you could buy the game, go to the ND event and get your game early and talk to some ND ppl and trust me i made a big stink about the season pass as well, lol. DLC isnt mandated but it fragments online and you can see the penny pinching and tactics used. Uc3 is rife with bs micro transactions. I mean do you remember when certain treaures were almost unobtainable? and they never fixed it and their was like a .1% drop rate lol then ND conveniently comes and starts selling characters, clothing,weapons etcc.. that could be supposedly obtainable during treasure drops

Idk i love ND but companies we trust in are getting really greedy and asking and always asking for me.

Harpers_Ferry1741d ago


I definitely agree, and KZ2 is actually the game that comes to mind for me when I think of map packs done right. Uncharted 3 definitely took numerous missteps when it came to micro transactions and dlc, so much so that I actually went back to Uncharted 2 for a long time. I think that's why I appreciate what they're doing with TLOU, because I was expecting the same thing to happen here.

I would like to say I have hopes for the future, but I don't think we'll be seeing any price drops for dlc, or digital games in general, any time soon. I think the best we can hope for in the immediate future is companies making a portion of the dlc free, sort of like what Killzone: Shadow Fall is doing.

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