Pokémon X and Y Sells Over 4 Million Worldwide

According to Nintendo’s internal figures, their latest Pokémon game sold over 4 Million copies worldwide – not bad considering the game came out just two days ago.

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gamer421740d ago

4 million in two days? Thats great! Hopefully ill get a copy by the end of the month.

Sigh1740d ago

Gotta wait till November. Can't wait to spend so many hours on trying to EV train and go into competitive battle :D

Hazmat131740d ago

not a fan of the Pokemon, but thats good. all gamers are good gamers.

mcstorm1739d ago

Great number for Nintendo and showing that they still have some of the biggest and most wanted IPs. Loving this game not played Pokémon sine Yellow but I am loving this game so far great game for the 3DS.