The 7 Worst Pokémon Designs Ever

CalmDownTom discusses the 7 worst Pokémon designs ever brought to light.

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StuGillies1738d ago

No mention of Grimer or Muk? Agree with the list, but it could have been longer.

grahf1738d ago

Grimer & Muk are questionable. If you think about it, there are a lot of Gen 1s that are horrific... Dugtio needs to die in a fire!

Trubbish is questionable too, but Gen 5 is pretty blerch all around.

And I don't agree with Kelfki being on this list at all. Chimecho is a bell. Litwik is a candle. Geodude is a rock. Vanillish is an ice cream cone. OK that evo line is just horrible... =)

Inanimate-objects-as-Pokemon have been a staple to the series, and Kelfki is well done & fits the new typing without being another "cute-pink-critter".

StuGillies1738d ago

I always thought that Geodude, was just brilliant camouflage. Most animals that develop camouflage, do it to match their surroundings, and Geodude lives in caves.

Dover81738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Well this list doesn't make me want to play Pokemon any more than I did before!

StuGillies1738d ago

In terms of design. Lazy = bad.

kevinodonnell911738d ago

Didn't want the list to go on forever but I agree that Muk is awful too!

kidhero991735d ago

Ok, so that other thread stirred enough discussion for me to want to create a new thread. I've read other opinions on this and the issue appears to be divided. Can someone explain to me why the Pokemon games are so well-received?

I have a couple gripes with a couple of the games' aspects.

Granted, the gameplay of the games is solid. The system is really well done and it makes for a cute RPG. However, it's been done over and over and over... The argument for this is usually about tweaking the stats of the Pokemon and the effectiveness of different types, but honestly, almost nothing has been done that evolves and benefits the games substantially. It has used the same basic formula this whole time while every single other one of Nintendo's games has changed beautifully. Why is it that Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed get shat on for doing the exact same thing? The biggest change to the formula is the addition of 3D models, and even that hasn't changed the games significantly. It's not even like there isn't room for improvement, either. I've played X/Y (albeit, briefly) and the system felt slow.

Secondly, I, for the life of me, cannot understand what you see in X/Y's graphics. At least the 2D games' graphics were a little charming. X/Y honestly feels like a grown man in children's clothing. The design of the characters and animations are only decent, and environments are basically non-existent. They completely stripped the graphics of what made them special and now it looks like a 2D game pretending to be 3D. The game is boring to look at. Not to mention how unsaturated all of the colors are.