Need For Speed: Rivals - PC Specs Revealed - Requires 30GB HDD, Recommends 64bit OS

Electronic Arts has revealed the official PC specs for its upcoming racer, Need For Speed: Rivals.

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pwnsause_returns1799d ago

im assuming that the digital version of this gsme on consoles is over 25gb as well. this is going to be the norm for those that just want to go digital only.

hollabox1799d ago

Going digital is good for hard drive manufactures. Soon people will have hard drives stacked like memory cards in shoe boxes back in the day.

DeadlyFire1799d ago

64bit Blu-Ray era of gaming is dawning upon us. 30-50 GB games = slower digital push. Unless bandwidth skyrockets up while prices of it drop like rocks then Digital sales will hit a wall and slow down some.

Feralkitsune1799d ago

Not really, even games last year on PC were getting into the 30GB range and digital is king on PC.

DeadlyFire1798d ago

Maybe for you city dude. I live in the sticks. 3 Mbps is no fun to wait nearly a whole day and download 30 GB game.

I still own many titles on Steam though.

64-bit shift will push games to 30GB and up on discs. Blu-Ray likely will get adopted at some point to make up for disc compression.

shadowmist131799d ago

Why a 3gb gpu?,isnt that more for multiple monitors,but 30 gig is huge,and to think its going to the norm,in a few years:100GB required(makes my skin crawl),but I cant wait to see how my pc runs next gen games.

Neonridr1799d ago

do they even make a 7870 in 3GB? I have the 7870 Ghz Edition and it's only 2GB. The 3GB Radeon's don't start until the 7900 series as far as I knew.

RedDeadLB1799d ago

No they don't, it's the same mistake DICE made with their BF4 requirements. Plus, there is no GT660 card, only a GTX 660.

Basically they want something with the performance of the HD7870 and the memory of the HD7950. That's the only feasible way of understanding the requirements.

weirdo1799d ago

boxed games ftw, saves worrying about upgrading the hard-drive, frequently.

RedDeadLB1799d ago

You still have to install them on the HDD on PC.

Feralkitsune1799d ago

A single TB harddrive solves space problems. Most of my space is taken up from Anime, more than the games from Steam i have installed.

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