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Submitted by AllPurposeBlogger 846d ago | news

Mass Effect 4 Nothing to Do With Shepard Confirmed

It has been confirmed that Shepard is officially nothing to do with Mass Effect 4 and the game isn't set in the Shepard timeline, when is it set then? (Dev, Mass Effect 4, PS4, Xbox One)

GarrusVakarian  +   846d ago
Good, wouldn't want them to ruin anything else related to the Shepard story (this is coming from a huge Mass Effect fan).
AllPurposeBlogger  +   846d ago
Tell me about it! I'd love for them to do something set waaaay before Shepard, like the First Contact War or something
SaekoB  +   837d ago
I completely agree, first contact war would be very interesting, I wouldn't want to go even more into the future so that it turns into god damn star wars shooting blue or red^^
NYC_Gamer  +   846d ago
I would like to see how my final decisions changed the whole universe
MWong  +   846d ago
I'm with you. For the next ME, I want to see how all your decisions from ME 1-3 helped/ruined the universe. And I want to see real consequences.
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vakarian75  +   846d ago
I doubt that's going to happen since they said “Well, I can’t get into details, but the idea is that we have agreed to tell a story that doesn’t relate necessarily to any of the Shepard events at all, whatsoever.”
Ryto  +   846d ago
If i recall correctly there were quite a few big wars in the ME back story. Could be based around the krogans. Hopefully its something completely new.

I agree with you though, definitely leave that story arc alone now.
ForgivenZombie  +   846d ago
I would like to see the game set after ME3, with a new threat/enemy and new races discovered and some of the old characters in higher positions within their cultures and a new citadel type center & possibly a Shepard clone. maybe even a story about the struggle to rebuild everything that was lost.
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Who  +   846d ago

I would much prefer this scenario than a prequel.
Although, I like the idea of returning characters, I want Shepard to rest in peace - give us a new hero. I think it'd be a great idea to see a game where we 're-build' the ME universe while fighting off these new threats.
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otherZinc  +   846d ago
I'll save $60 on ME4.
3-4-5  +   846d ago
If I were them I would make Mass Effect 4 & 5 at the same time.

Like the PS2 era were sequels would be release 6-12 months later and not 3-4 years later.
JsonHenry  +   846d ago
I just want more Mass Effect. And I'm ready for a new story line as well.
Haules  +   846d ago
Imo Mass Effect2/3 were one of the most overhyped overrated games ever...

The original one was so much better.
SaekoB  +   837d ago
Mass Effect 2 is to many the most amazing and awe-inspiring RPG ever made, I am one of those^^
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raresteak  +   846d ago
Prequel = mistake. So please don't do that.
CODallday  +   846d ago
The exploration of 1,the story and setting of 2,and the shooting mechanics of 3 would make the perfect mass effect imo.
Parasyte  +   846d ago
I would love the opportunity to play as different races in Single Player this time around. Would love to play through an entire series of ME stories as a Quarian or Turian.
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The Meerkat  +   846d ago
I want to play as a Geth.
Naga  +   846d ago
I'm still burned by the great letdown that was the pre-Extended-Cut Mass Effect 3 ending. That whole incident did some serious damage to the bonds of trust, and it is going to take something really special to make me overlook that.
phantomexe  +   846d ago
I disagree the extended footage helped clear up alot of stuff. i wasn't happy with how it ended but i was sure of what it ment after the extended footage.
Naga  +   846d ago
@ phantomexe

I said "pre-Extended-Cut" Mass Effect 3.

I don't think we actually have a disagreement. I actually agree that the EC made a big difference in terms of clarifying things and providing closure - especially in conjunction with the Leviathan DLC.

BUT. That doesn't matter. The bond of trust was broken when they released ME3 as it was without it. That careless handling of such a beloved franchise - regardless of whether or not they later worked to patch up their holes - is grounds for distrust. The damage was done.
DarkAzureIIIX  +   846d ago
good, this will be great.
PawnSacrifice  +   846d ago
It is a prequel series that will span over the life of next gen.
The time line involves the First Contact War, the human / turian fight,peace, then partnership.
Characters will include Jon Grissom, David Anderson & possible history on the Elusive Man (when he was an Alliance soldier)
All in all, building & leading the Mass Effect universe & ending in the beginning of the original.
AllPurposeBlogger  +   846d ago
I'd love to see the Saren backstory from the first novel if this was the case too!
JCENAdaBest  +   846d ago
I would like to hear in the ME4 world about my character and everything he did... but I am quite happy for a prequel. However, "nothing to do with Shepard" is annoying because a story where you live in a time where Shepard lived would be annoying not to hear or meet him and a story in the future would be annoying not to hear about what he (we) have done in the previous games.
Heisenburger  +   846d ago
No more space Jesus.
Mythicninja  +   846d ago
Amen brother
FullmetalRoyale  +   846d ago
Lol you guys.

DarthJay  +   846d ago
Sorry, but Mass Effect, to me, is Shepard. When I play Mass Effect, I want to play as Shepard. Call it Mass Effect: _____ or something like that kind of like Halo: Reach. Halo 5 would not be a pure Halo game without Master Chief. I know it's almost semantics, but it just doesn't feel right.

With all of that said, I'd rather a Mass Effect 4 be what happened after Mass Effect 3. Why would I want Shepard's story to be over? Tell me more.
Lucreto  +   846d ago
I want to see a game starting out as a prequel and ending in a sequel to the original trilogy.
Tontus  +   846d ago
I'll miss Shephard :(

Hopefully ME4 isn't a prequel, should take place in a different galaxy 50,000 years in the future where a race of angry ageless titanic ducks eat all intelligent life in the galaxy and turn their screams of terror into energy used to power their home planets technology.

Dravidian  +   846d ago
Star wars + the mighty ducks + monsters inc = win?
Tontus  +   841d ago
Sounds pretty damn epic to me! :D
Naga  +   846d ago
Here's my problem with this:

Haven't we ruined the depth of any new series based within the Mass Effect universe by virtue of the fact that the previous series has pretty thoroughly explained away the mystery of... well... almost everything?

I'm open to the possibility of something new, but I can't help but think that any new story is inevitably doomed to be almost meaningless in comparison to the grand scope of the previous series. I could be wrong, of course.

EDIT: Then again, I absolutely loved Halo: Reach.
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MightyNoX  +   846d ago
Not buying anything else from you, Bio-EA, so I don't care. Your track record proved you've dropped the ball...this is one gamer that says to you, "the buck stops here."


"Don't you get it? The buck. Stops. Here. I'm a Buck. A male deer. That's what a Dik-Dik is!"


"What's wrong with you, people?! Vote for me, the buck stops here for goodness sake!!"

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