Sony AND/OR Microsoft Rather Than VS

EskimoPress: I almost went through this entire generation of consoles with only my Xbox 360. Sure, I played a few games on my brother’s Wii, and there were a couple of pc games I had to play on my friend’s powerful rig. I almost didn’t sink my teeth into any of the fantastic PS3 exclusives, except for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Heavy Rain. Until now…

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kazuma9991806d ago

Last generation = buy both systems, buy games and let it sit in ur living room. This generation = Buying ps4 and die on my couch from playing too much XD.

LordDhampire1806d ago

Yeah, pretty much same for me....I just dont want to spend that much money...I want to play DR3 but I might just wait and see...maybe DR4 will come to ps4

I don't game enough to justify owning a xbox one on top of a ps4 and gaming pc and every last gen console excluding the wii u....which is like above last gen but not quite next gen

malokevi1806d ago

Im the opposite. Last gen, I stuck with my Xbox. This gen, I'm getting both right off the bat. Too many good exclusive offerings to miss out on.

ZHZ901806d ago

Last Gen, I was owner of PS3 and Wii and I was considered to be PS3 only owner since I own less than 8 Wii games.

This Gen, currently right now PS4 is more than enough for me with so many games announced on PS4 and Sony stated 30 PS4 games from 1st/2nd Parties are in development and 20 of which will come out in 1st year and the power of PS4 all this more than enough for me.

3-4-51806d ago

At one point I owned like 30 360 games.

I think I have like 5-6 now.

Most were reliant upon online and not that each game's online "time" has passed, they lost a lot of their fun.

Looking at all the RPG's being released on PS3 makes me really want one....except I hate the dual shock controller, which is why I'm holding out for a PS4, which then hopefully,eventually gains support for PS2 + PS3 games.

kazuma9991806d ago

Hope they put .hack games on gaikai.

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wheresmymonkey1806d ago

What about nintendo. I'd say it would make more sense to go Sony or MS and Nintendo. The xbone and Ps4 are really much of a muchness in terms of content. the wiiU on the other hand provides a very different experience to either sony or ms's offerings.

meatysausage1806d ago

Yeah i think that would be a good mix, however, im still not convinced by the wii U , but it does offer somethhing completely different.
The ps4 and Wii U

GodGinrai1806d ago

I like nintendo. They just need to bring out more of their big exclusives, then I will be more than happy to buy one. right now I would only have wonderful 101 and the new mario 3d game. I never played wind waker before niether so that makes 3 games. so when a few more come out, along with a bigger selection on the Virtual console games, ill get one.

wheresmymonkey1806d ago

I wasn't untill i finally played on one. I think that's the best advice i could give to anyone.

the benefits of the system are abvious once you have the pad in your hands.

I was well and truely on the fence unitll my mate bought one and i had a go on zombiU. It's subtle but once you've had the abilty to see your map at all times and adjust inventory and the like on the fly, you'll miss it when its gone.

Then when i got it home, off tv play has pretty much saved my relationship with my missus, there's no argueing over the tv anymore. if she wants to use it i just move to the pad.

Lykon1806d ago

that's interesting actually .. i'd sort of lost interest in nintendo after playing with a friends wii , which i thought was shit. but haven't tried a wii u yet. definitely will never buy xbone .. don't want kinect garbage and find the company generally offensive.

Cobex1806d ago

The company's keep each other in check and are fighting to be number one.
That keeps me the consumer happy.

GodGinrai1806d ago

XB1 first because of launch line up and freinds/family/clan.

PS4 when infamous releases. Hopefully they do a bundle..maybe even a special edition console!

I been an "AND" guy since I was able to buy my own consoles ( been doing that since 1995).discovered the joys of high end PC gaming last year too. I will NEVER own one console. There are loads of games I never get to play due to time, but I like having all my options ;)

UnHoly_One1806d ago

Oh damn...

You had to mention the possibility of a special inFAMOUS console, didn't you?

I hadn't thought of that, yet.

Now I am tempted to cancel my pre-order for my launch PS4 and wait. There aren't any other games I care about playing on it anyway.

Damn you, now I don't know what to do. lol

maniacmayhem1806d ago

I would get an infamous PS4 bundle if they released one.

memots1806d ago

Last Gen i had both system, But this time around Ms will have to win me back, I still feel burnt by my 360 purchase.

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