Red Line of Death Rumor False: Sony Responds

Shuhei Yoshida has responded to the rumor about the PS4 Red Line of Death Rumor. Apparently the report is false.

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GarrusVakarian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I guessed as much. The authors name was Homer J Simpson, if anyone actually believed this rumour then shame on you, lol.

Expect many attempts at shooting down the PS4's reputation, and expect many failures like this one.

Ezz20131590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

*The authors name was Homer J Simpson*

i'm gonna tell Marge simpson about Homer
he should have stayed in Moe's bar

AlexanderNevermind1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

As has been stated before it is good that the system now warns of possible overheating issues rather than waiting for the console to brick (i.e. xbox360). I've read that the X1 does the same. Good job by both if true on MS' front

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nix1590d ago

... aaaaaaaaaand it's gone!

abzdine1590d ago

they call it red light of death and right after they say that the console resumed working after it cooled down.
glad yoshida denied this BS, one more proof that the media nowadays is corrupted to the bone.

xHeavYx1590d ago

That rumor was started by Mr X(box)

GiggMan1590d ago

Sony did a good job deading this whole situation before it really got started.


It's kind of a shame (although understandable) the red light has to be the warning sign instead of the normal operation color, I really like it, would perfectly match red Dual Shock 4... Not that blue looks bad anyway, I just think red fitted it nicely.

ShinMaster1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I didn't know such a rumor even existed until now, lol

P.S. wow those Xbox fanboys on that twitter tread are ridiculous.

Sono4211590d ago

This is seriously getting pathetic.. some people out there REALLY want there to be bad news about Sony and their PS4. Every single one of these negative Sony/PS4 articles turns out to be fake/misinformed.

I think Xbox One fans have finally hit their breaking point, all the negative news about the Xbox One pushed them over the edge so they're now creating fake negative news about the PS4.. what a shame.. you guys it would be easier just to switch consoles and also save yourself $100 bucks while doing it ;)

I can tell you it's a heck of alot easier to switch then to try to make the PS4 look bad.. and it's way way way easier then trying to make the Xbox One look good ;)

DestinyHeroDoomlord1590d ago

Doesn't Homer own shares in moe's bar?

iiwii1590d ago

haha. I was going to say he called this prank in from Moe's

SmokingMonkey1590d ago

Hi! I'm Troy McLure, you might remember me from such electronic

fiasco's like;

Xb360 The Red Ring of Death


Xbone and the DRM future you will love!

strifeblade1590d ago

obviously its false, what do you expect them to say, just like when rrod was false and look how that turned out

SilentNegotiator1590d ago

As all of these fake error signs are created by fanboys, let's remember that these consoles WILL have real ones. It doesn't mean that they necessarily have major problems. It's not a weakness to have something to signify a dead system, unless you live in a universe where there are ANY electronics with 0% failure rates.

sobekflakmonkey1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Just in case nobody else brought this up.

There is a photo of a PS4 with a red light lit up, but uhhh....did you ever think your PS3 was broken when you turned it off...? I didn't...if you don't get what I'm saying, I'll explain, when you turn on your PS3 there are two lights, blue and green, when you shut it off, a red light comes on and the blue and green lights go off, the red light indicating that there is power going to your PS3 but it is turned off, that PS4 was probably off or on the "Stand-by" mode they were talking about at the reveal...for xbox gamer's, red lights mean the death of a console, being that they dealt with the "RROD" (Red Ring of Death) for 3-4 years...

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allformats1590d ago

Of course it's false. This is mainly a warning to keep the console from dying when there's extreme heat.

In fact, all machines do this.

thrust1590d ago

Of course sony says it false you mean.

GarrusVakarian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


Well, if it's not true then of course Sony are going to say so. Your profile motto is extremely ironic too.

Below.... "Why is it? I do not get upset, I just upset people ;)"

So basically you are saying you intentionally troll people?

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Kayant1590d ago


But he's right though XB1 & PS4 are going to be doing the same thing.

And the fact the system started working in 2 seconds after it was removed from a "none" ventilated case obviously means it's untrue.

meatysausage1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

deny it because its not what the original articles headline made it out to be.

If you were put in a small plastic box, im sure you would sweat

Thehyph1590d ago

I like how in that article it was claimed as a red line of death, and then the console was restarted and it was fixed within seconds.

How could it be a red line of death if it was immediately fixed.

Some people went berzerk without applying some basic logic.

Eonjay1590d ago


Yes because Homer J. Simpson is the most reliable source...

black0o1590d ago

@thust did the console died? yes or no

nukeitall1590d ago

Home J Simpson is as reliable as any other anonymous or hiding behind a internet nickname source that gets touted around here.

I think a more detailed answer would have been appreciated Mr Yoshida.

M-M1590d ago


0/10 for trolling, same for you @nukeitall.

pkb791590d ago

@stevehyphen the ps4 is the messiah of gaming consoles. It dies and comes back to life.

scott1821590d ago

The console didn't die!!! What part of that do people not understand. It wasn't ventilated, it immediately turned back on. Nobody needs to respond to anything, the console didn't die.

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Eonjay1590d ago

You can't take everything you read online to be 100% accurate. And seeing as the console never actually died...

titletownrelo1590d ago

I litterally JUST finished reading and commenting on the article, clicked the "ALL" tab, and its already denied. HAHA

BallsEye1590d ago

DAMAGE CONTROLL! That kind of comments we would see if it would be about MS. Lol n4g is a blast to read sometimes.

Wh15ky1590d ago

Poor little MS!

Or, just paranoid?

Refer to Thrusts comments above and lifeisgamesok below.

kenshiro1001590d ago

...Are you serious? -_-

No, just no.

pyramidshead1590d ago

I thought it was just a red line of warning, i.e. not death, but just telling you shits getting toasty in the console like any warning signal on any tech. RRoD on the other hand, like YLOD, was a sign that your console has officially corsped.

KwietStorm1590d ago

Lmao shits getting toasty. I don't know why I found that so funny.

1590d ago
johndoe112111590d ago

I don't think sony should even have wasted their time responding to this cause even if it was true it is perfectly understandable given the situation.

WarThunder1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Yea i agree. The rumor was just removed.

torchic1590d ago

we, on gaming forums are an educated bunch concerning such matters.

unfortunately the same cannot be said for the majority of people who will buy the PS4 and so it was important to shoot the rumour down.

mii-gamer1590d ago

it was Bart Simpson - i tellz yah

Funantic11590d ago

But we all saw actual pictures of a PS4 with the red line of death....smh....denial. Yoshida telling you what you wanna hear again. Like he was gonna say it was true a month before the PS4 comes out. I don't believe him at all. For one he didn't have any explanations. He didn't even deny the pictures. Plus there are reports that more PS4s have done this. Also that clear case that the PS4 is dying in, well when you go into stores, that's what you see most consoles in. They never had any problems before. Those display cases are plenty big and ventilated. You can see big holes to the bottom of them where the cords hang out. If the PS4 can't withstand those minor conditions how can it handle extreme conditions for years to come. The PS4 is said to have small cheaper fans in a too small of a case. You can expect that red line of death to stay on or a lot of malfunctions due to overheating. You know what happens when the doctor sees a red line.

Eonjay1590d ago

You are trying too hard. I know you want it to be true and no one can make you face reality. There are zero (0) other reports of this happening. I know in you mind you believe this is happening... but its not. Yes a man in Spain named Homer Simpson says otherwise...but stop freaking out.

black0o1590d ago

CAN'T U READ .. the f#$% console didn't died i started working like a mint after it cooled down

ohh .. i see u r a member of the xbone FAN club
so what ever helps u get throw the night

JuniorCE1590d ago

Do you believe in Santa too? You can easily do that with Photoshop...

KwietStorm1590d ago

You WANT it to be true. Just say it. You're so adamant. The consoles in the cases in stores never burned out haha man C'mon.

pyramidshead1590d ago

"please be legitimate bad news for the ps4, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pleasepleasepleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase!&q uot;

DigitalRaptor1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Your unfounded desperation sustains me...


Sono4211590d ago

Why can't you have this sort of skepticism when Microsoft talks?

Because that is where your skepticism belongs..

n4rc1590d ago

Soooo... It overheated and shut down... And thats not an issue??!

Yeah it's great it will shut down before bricking.. But it still overheated nonetheless

solid_snake36561590d ago

You Xbone fanboys have been waiting for this day since ps4 was Announced. You guys swarmed this rumor like cockroaches.

iiwii1590d ago

Well what do you expect? Microsoft must be scared, because they have their minions trying their best to make the PS4 look bad all over the net, but its not working.

n4rc1590d ago

Nobody is making them look any way...

It overheated... Microsoft fanboys didn't make that happen.. Make of it what you will.. But it sure as hell isn't good news

edgeofsins1590d ago

Sony has been using yellow to indicate overheating. Red is for standby.

TheGreenMan1590d ago

@ n4rc

It' not a problem because consumers who buy the PS4 aren't going to place it into an unventilated plastic tube with stage lights blaring down on it to drive the heat up.

For God's sake, try using some logic...

n4rc1590d ago

Stop trying to imply I said something I didn't..

It overheated... Make of that what you will.. I never said they were doomed or it was junk...

Simply that it overheating is not good... Kinda stating the obvious but your still trying to spin a blatantly obvious fact as some fanboy campaign... So maybe its not that obvioua to some

rainslacker1590d ago


Did you know the X1 is designed to shut down when it starts to overheat, only to start up again once it's cooled down. Did you know most computers and computing devices are designed to do the same things nowadays?

Why would MS(and others) design it in such a way? Curious.

Here's why. Because it keeps the system from frying itself due to extreme heat, otherwise known as RROD or YLOD this gen. The fact that both these systems run cooler than the previous gen, and likely have chips which can withstand the heat more than last gen anyways should be telling enough that both consoles are designed to stand the test of time.

I don't think many people understand how far these types of CPU's have come in a very short period of time in terms of energy efficiency, thus vastly reducing the amount of heat they produce.

TheGreenMan1590d ago

@ n4rc

It overheated because of the conditons I already mentioned, you twit. Absolutely nothing I said was "fanboyish" and I my opinion would be the exact same if this were an article about the Xbox One.

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Animal Mutha 761590d ago

Interesting how quick Sony were to deal with this.

MS PR team should take note.

Sono4211590d ago

Difference is the negative news about the Xbox One is true... the MS PR can't go out and just deny it, but they also don't want to go out and announce it... they are in a way harder position.. maybe Microsoft's plan all along was to make their PR team work for their money ;)

rainslacker1590d ago


Difference I see is that Sony just flat out denies things. They don't put a lot of PR spin on it, nor do they makes statements open to interpretation when dispelling rumors.

MS on the other hand has to go into a long tirade about how they designed the console to be the best thing ever and throw in something about how innovative they are.

End result is the same. People that want to believe it will, and people that want an answer get it. Forums keep on turning, and everyone denies the other is telling the truth.

Strikepackage Bravo1590d ago

Not like you can believe Sony on this, they still don't admit the YLOD was an issue, not to mention the PS2 disc read error. They made you guys pay to have those fixed.

Xsilver1590d ago

mine never had any disc read error.

Strikepackage Bravo1590d ago

Yeah, and my brothers 360 never had RROD so whats your point.

black0o1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

it's the % that matter .. every electronic device can die on u but when it happens on big scale that's something else JUST like RROD every x360 had 54.2% Failure Rate so don't compare the YLOD to RROD

Strikepackage Bravo1590d ago

No what matters is the offending manufacturers willingness to stand behind the product. Its better to have a 50% failure rate in which you replace the units free of charge, than it is to have a 20% failure rate in which you blame the customer and make them pay 150 bux to get the less than two year old console repaired.

Majin-vegeta1590d ago

For every PS3 that got YLOD there was at least 50 360 RROD.

KwietStorm1590d ago

Actually they fixed my disc read error for free, no questions asked. Stop trying so hard. This fanboy crap is killing the game community.

Strikepackage Bravo1590d ago


That was after a class action lawsuit forced them.
Where have you been?

Wh15ky1590d ago

The RROD was an absolute disaster, I can't think of any other hardware malfunction that competes.

If ms didn't react the way they did, their venture into the gaming console market was over.

SmokingMonkey1590d ago

LOL at denial of MS handling of the RROD.

Just like Peter Moore said about the 50% defect. Don't worry about how faulty the machine is, just be thankful that we are replacing it for free.


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GamerzElite1590d ago

Where is CVsence