N4G Radio 04/21/2008

The guys return this week to discuss their three favorite games of this generation, NPD insanity and the latest games including GT5 Prologue, Iron Man and Universe at War.

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SilPho3893d ago

More Prologue talk... this could be interesting.

Looking forward to it!

Clance3893d ago

I'm by no means an expert on this game - never played it buy boy that 'Irish' thing....

Your 'I've got to get to me mother' impression was in a bad Scottish accent, in no way resembling Irish. Don't know if that was on purpose but just for the record.

Peace and respect.

How do people get so good at UT3 that they kill about 60 and die 6 times. I played someone with that score. Is that really possible?

Clance3893d ago

With no fatalities, I think it will fall slightly short....

OK, it could be a great game but wouldn't you love (OK, DC wouldn't) to see Batman get his heart pulled out or Superman's head and spine ripped from the body???? That would be just great.

I think good graphics are overtaking the classic pulling factor of gore back in the 1990's, in this day and age.

Jinxstar3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Hmmmm listening guys and I like the "exclusive" debate but... I do feel... I own both consoles and look forward to the exclusives for each console over the multiplats. Not for bragging rights. I can't wait for NG2, Gears2 MGS4 and KZ2. If a game like LA noire goes multiplat cause EA buys T2 out... That game is supposed to use a lot of the BR disc space and push the console and if it gets dumbed down to go multiplat that will suck... I could care less about NPD and everything else. I want exclusives but I don't care to use them as flame bait. Heck Mario kart is gonna be spot on. I feel if a game like Gears of God of War went multiplat I would be pissed.... Not that they ever will but just as a "What if"... I do feel the exclusives are better for the most part.

I mean you guys all think the MGS4 is gonna be amazing. What if it went multiplat considering Kojima said he uses 2 layers of the Blu Ray... how much would it get dumbed down.... I am glad its exclusive just like gears 2 so they can work on one system and make it amazing...

I could give a [email protected] about what system a game comes out on but I feel exclusives are good. Competition in the industry can only be haelthy...

Hydrolex3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

really, it was

who was singing ? I totally felt gay

I thought N4G is owned by an orginized company but no, owned by bunch of nerds. LOL Their voice lollllllllllll ahaha

JK people enjoy this N4G

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