DHGF: Montague’s Mount Review

DHGF: As a whole, Montague’s Mount is a game that was promoted as a survival horror game and ended up being the exact opposite. There is no constant fear of death, nor is there anything to fear for that matter. It’s a first person adventure game that has only a few unique puzzles and some interesting diversions in the form of relic hunting. The game is incredibly short and ends on a cliffhanger quite unexpectedly, creating more questions than answers. Montague’s Mount is also a very nice looking game, but it’s hard to enjoy the scenery when the colors fade, the character’s vision blurs or when there is too much shadow casting from the local flora. The only major thing I can take away from Montague’s Mount is the game being used as a medium for understanding the mind of a man slowly descending into madness, but that isn’t even presented clearly enough. Montague’s Mount had promise but unfortunately left me incredibly disappointed.

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