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Submitted by moosekebabs 848d ago | opinion piece

Next Gen and Nintendo

Claire Phillips of Capsule Computers writes, "With the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One perilously close to release, a new console is on the horizon for a lot of gamers.It suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t spared a second thought for Nintendo in these particular console wars. Nintendo are responsible for me being a gamer, but I don’t own any of their "next generation" hardware. What gives?" (Nintendo, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Subby  +   848d ago
Nintendo now have plenty of games I'd love to play, but by now I'm so invested in other platforms that I simply can't afford to buy their stuff and maintain another platform library. Maybe if I had more income.
wiiuniverse  +   848d ago
yeah wii u will definitely hit that 199 price mark first, if they would be more lenient on dropping the price on their games it'd be even more cost effective.
Beastforlifenoob  +   847d ago
How are the WII U and next gen consoles even related?

The Wii U may be the nextgen for nintendo but definately not "next gen" in terms of hardware.
RexFury  +   847d ago
I have always looked at gaming generation as part of a time-frame....not hardware development. Seeing as the word 'generation' is to with time.
JuleyJules  +   847d ago
'Next-gen' is simply referring to the next consoles - last gen was Wii/PS3/360 and the 'next-gen' is Wii U/PS4/Xbone. We know Wii U is not as powerful as PS4/Xbone but it's still the next generation console for Nintendo. As far as Nintendo consoles go it is 'next-gen' in terms of hardware as it's compared to the Wii NOT to PS4/Xbone or PS3/360.
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Chrischi1988  +   847d ago
Yeah, so a tri core compared to a single core aint next gen^^ it is obiously the same. Gpgpu is it, too. Console boys trying to speak hardware^^
masterabbott  +   848d ago
People just overlook Nintendo but when you stop and take good look Nintendo especially the Wii outsold the XBOX360 and the Ps3 nearly 2 to 1 so no matter what people say, Nintendo will always be around even if you think they are not hardcore enough for you.
zeal0us  +   848d ago
Wii outsold the 360 and PS3 because it attracted the casual crowd. It had elderly folks, people mom and dad up and playing. The Wii had something unique about itself that no console at the time was doing, motion gaming.

The WiiU however doesn't have something unique about itself. A second-screen has been done for a while. Publishers and developers don't like making their games for the WiiU because they fear it won't sell.
Some publishers on one hand want the WiiU sales to pick up before making games for it but on the other hand the WiiU sales won't pick up without games.
Neonridr  +   848d ago
it's a vicious cycle. And the developers that do end up releasing their games on the Wii U usually strip features out of it to gimp it in some way, shape or form and then when it doesn't sell, they proclaim the Wii U as a first party only system.

It's ridiculous. Regardless, in today's world it isn't uncommon to see people owning multiple consoles so the Wii U still has a great place in the home, even if it ends up being for just the exclusives..
gpturbo81  +   848d ago
second screen has been done for awhile? on what home console has this been done on already?
RexFury  +   847d ago
Wii U sales will shoot up next year with the likes of: Smash Bros, Mario Kart, X, Bayonetta 2,Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei and maybe even a new Zelda? Let alone whatever else gets released.

Yes they had a bad start with the Wii U. Silly name, no major titles released on it at the beginning and so on. The release of Wind Waker HD improved the sales of the Wii U in the UK by over 600%. Imagine what the games listed above would do!

*edit* How did I forget this! Also, the release of Super Mario 3D World will ship quite a few consoles as well. The game just looks phenomenal!
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MEsoJD  +   848d ago
While Nintendo sold more Wii models in the short term, it's now dead. PS3/360 have are long term devices that are still getting the latest 3rd party titles. While the casual crowd brought big sales in the short term, they don't purchase software consistently like the hard core. Sony and Microsoft noticed that.
JuleyJules  +   847d ago
True Wii is basically now dead with no support from Nintendo only 3rd party. The problem with PS3/360 being long term devices as you said is simple - Sony & MS will continue to support them and put games on them. For those who don't need the latest and greatest system right away where is the incentive to upgrade? MS has said it'll support 360 for another 3 years or so basically shooting themselves in the foot! Nintendo stopped with Wii support a while ago and is focusing (granted very slowly!) on Wii U. Games are starting to come out now that are helping to sell consoles. There are other gamers who are waiting on certain titles from Nintendo like Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, new Zelda etc to buy the console so it will sell as those games come out and they'll be the ones who buy software. Some casual gamers will buy as will families with Nintendo having the more kid-friendly games and over time they will buy games.
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ContraCode  +   848d ago
Wii U is finally getting some good games and while it won't match the muscle of the PS4 or Xbox One, their exclusives are what will always keep them going. I doubt they'll be the winner in terms of sales this gen but people don't give them enough credit in how well their 1st party games sell.
Concertoine  +   848d ago
wii u is such an original system, i think it will be the perfect companion piece to a pc or ps4, and a perfect system for a nintendo fan.
i really feel like history will look back on the wii u in positive light despite it's slow start. games like the wonderful 101, armikrog, sonic lost world, x, bayonetta 2, and all the first party nintendo stuff are really stand out titles and they possess a certain creativity and artistic flair that i find lacking these days.
it reminds me how retro consoles really had identity, you knew what system a game was from just by looking at it. That was an n64 game, that was a saturn game. that feeling is really lost in a market dominated by multi platform titles, but i really feel it with the wii u because the little exclusives it does have are so far out there and different, and really make use of features only the system has.
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DejectedJeff  +   848d ago
wow, well said. that really got me thinking. it reminds me of the dreamcast, there was a system with creativity up the ass.
Amigaengine  +   847d ago
The Wii U reminds me nothing of the Dreamcast. Comparing the Dreamcast lineup after 1 year to the Wii U is almost laughable
filchron  +   847d ago
you cant really make that comparison. first of all, dreamcast offered a HUGE visual upgrade compared to its competitors when it launched, secondly: online, third:the dreamcast had a HUGE selection of FUN games, fourth and last point: Sega actually tried to market and sell a system that they actually gave a shit about. doesnt look like nintendo is too worried about it's poor WiiU sales
AWBrawler  +   848d ago
i was thinking the same thing. if anything the Wii U exclusives have an advantage when it comes to creativity, because once again they have the most wildly different controller. people also forget that wii u gamepad has NFC, a built in cam, built in mic, built in gyroscopes, and sensor bar inside it. I can think of a lot of ways to use all of those.
Beastforlifenoob  +   847d ago
gimmick is not original (wii u gamepad)

What u look at gamepad or TV?
RexFury  +   847d ago
You don't always have to look at it. Games like The Wonderful 101 use the touch screen for you to do moves in-game. Also ZombiU also found new and immersive ways to use the gamepad as well. More and more companies will come up with no ways to make unique gameplay experiences with that pad.
GotHDGame  +   847d ago
It is not a gimmick. Try BOPS2 online with a friend over using the gamepad, both online same room no split screen. Then tell me its a gimmick. How bout Resident Evil on Wii U, Rayman, NFS, and the upcoming Deux Ex delux all make the second screen use a great experience. Let me guess, you do not have, and nor have you spent any real time with Wii U, but feel you can judge something you have not even given a chance.
Nevers0ft  +   847d ago
How about both? Some of us are capable of focussing on more than one thing at a time. It's called multi-tasking, you should try it. But more to the point: You don't need to look at them both simultaneously!

There's been ONE game for the Wii U where I feel that it deliberately tried to pull you in two directions between the pad and the TV to stress you out... And that was in ZombiU, and it was deliberate.
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Beastforlifenoob  +   847d ago
So you look at your fucking screen at the bottom and be like ohhh shit i can see the map "how cooooooool" a map! you tap something then realise in the game you have already died.'

GIMMMMMMMICK the only thing it can show is a map or menu and i would prefer that on screen, sure in NFS it has a little circle with a line throuh it when you die but thats it.
Nevers0ft  +   845d ago
Sorry Beastforlifenoob but I don't speak idiot, can you translate that please?
filchron  +   847d ago
the new mario game for WiiU has one of the weakest artstyles of any game ive ever seen multiplat or not. its just different colored square blocks with a slightly different texture on it. even mario 64 had more varied topography than this new game and that came out 14 yrs ago.
DejectedJeff  +   848d ago
I cant wait to get a wii u personally, it looks like a promising system. plus i can play all the wii games i (like many gamers) neglected. like nmh, madworld, xenoblade and some of the greats.
ape007  +   848d ago
don't forget to pick up donkey kong country returns on Wii, one its absolute best games
Beastforlifenoob  +   847d ago
dont forget to pickup some other milekd ass shit nintendo has been making for over 30 years. Its always bbeen mario, pokemon, donkey kong or zelda nothing new NOTHING NEW!
Yep  +   848d ago
If by "Drop the gimmicks and make things cheaper" the author mean's drop everything that makes people purchase a Nintendo platform over the competition, I'm not so sure I can agree with that bullet.
MEsoJD  +   848d ago
I would certainly purchase a Wii-U at $200 with the pro controller instead of the gamepad.
Yep  +   848d ago
Sadly, some of the best things in life aren't so cheap.
MEsoJD  +   847d ago

If the Wii-U was part of, "the best things" I would already have purchased one.
4logpc  +   848d ago
Wii U will sell like hot cakes when it hits $249 and has Smash Brothers.
sinjonezp  +   848d ago
I see a lot of positive comments and I will be the one to say that the wiiU needs to go the way of the Dreamcast. I believe Nintendo needs to reboot because the message is lost and the core gamer crowd is moving to the ps4 and xb1. While I am an advid Nintendo gamer. I have owned every single Nintendo home entertainment system since the NES, I will not be purchasing a wiiU. Why? Because there is no "it" factor associated with it. Nintendo is slowly rolling out software, third parties are scared to risk releasing on the platform and the price is still not right. Let's ask ourselves, without that casual market pushing systems into households, disfunctional messaging from execs, and lack of definitive software that give me a library to expand, do I want to invest in this system. I will wait and see what Nintendo cooks up next. While I do feel its a cool system, I'd rather invest in a ps4 or xb1.
alphaomega88  +   848d ago | Well said
This question is not just for you, but so many people who aren't sold on the Wii U...I really have to ask why? Is it because they offer more 'hardcore mature' games? Is it because everyone says 'The Wii U is failing', and you are afraid to jump on a perceived sinking ship? Or because they are really selling you on features or games? If its games, then as of right now thats a lie, as they have very little if anything more than the Wii u has right now. 2 or 3 good exclusives with no backwards compatibility hardly makes them definitive purchases. Features maybe? Facebook linkup? I can guarantee you that 97-99% of everyone on my facebook doesn't give a rats a** that I just earned unnamed trophy #137 in whatever game I might be playing. I could see tv features being a selling point if your leaning towards xone, but for $500 its a tough sell.

I am not at all saying these systems won't be good, but they dont really offer anything unique. Multi gen games are the majority, Nothing looks so stunningly better than Wii U that its worth dropping $100-$200 more for a system(not including a game), and the Wii U offers tv features, the free online, and the touch screen which is a fantastic thing for all it adds, and an actual gaming community in miiverse, where people actually DO CARE that you speed ran a level in some uber fast time frame or whatever.

I just want to know why. If it is preference for darker, grittier games, then ok, understandable. If its because everyone says PS4 and Xone are 'teh most powerful consolez eva, WiiU gonna fail' then I think you are gonna be disappointed.

As a gamer, I think the Wii U should be the definitive choice, just to simply support Nintendo on ethics alone. They dont fire people just because they have overly unrealistic expectations for games(they don't), they don't charge you for online, they don't lock content on discs and then charge you for them, or force you to preorder to get them, and they have customer service second to none in any industry. Do they have room for improvement? Of course, all companies do. But to me, as a gamer, they do the important things and ethics first, graphics and money grubbing second.

If Nintendo ever has to get out of the industry it would be a travesty, or if they ever cede to the pressure that they have to be just like the others, I for one would end my 20+ year gaming habit, and that for me would be a sad day, as I am sure it would be for many if they really thought about it.
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truechainz  +   848d ago
Just had to say it is a breath of fresh air to read a comment like this. I mean these sections just get clogged with negativity and it was nice to see you display your opinion in an intelligent and well said manner. I feel like not just gamers but internet discussions as a whole will always have the dumbest arguments, but at the end of the day you like what you like.
Jay70sgamer  +   848d ago
Alpha.... That was well said ..I feel the same way ...I've been saying this for the longest
kidhero99  +   848d ago
Nintendo's problem is that the market the WiiU was built for isn't there anymore, the same thing happened to the vita.

Let's be clear, who bought the Wii? If you make a comparison with the previous generation (PS2,GC,XB) it's clear that most of their consumers were casual gamers who had never bought a console before and got a Wii because it was something simple, cheap and fun to play with. But if you look at third party sales is easy to discover the truth, most of them didn't give a f* about videogames.

Nintendo knew that they had moved to a different market, away from PS360 audience and that they now relay on the casuals to succeed, so now, with the WiiU they have been trying to appeal to that audience introducing a tablet as a controller and hoping that this will have the same impact as the wiimote had, but they completly failed. Playing on a tablet doesn't feel as innovative as motion gaming did back in 2006.

So, with the casual gamers moving to tablets and smartphones and having lost the confidence from the traditional/hardcore gamer, Nintendo find itself in a really hard position.
sinjonezp  +   847d ago

I respect your argument but isn't becoming obvious that Nintendo is in a rough spot? Ask yourself. Do I want to purchase a console that provides little 3rd party support? Do I want to purchase a machine that's still in the same ballpark (price) as a ps4 that offers an experience that is equivicle to those of current gen while only having a minimal hardrive which requires 8gigs of space? Do I want a gimmick in the gamepad(yes I have played the wiiU enough to make an opinion on it)? Do I want a device that is not defined? Do I want a device that has content spread thin? Think about it, recent reports said an announcement of the next real Zelda will surface at e3 next year and that's just announcements. I just think that in this day and age you have to be swift to the table. Technology is changing at the blink of an eye but you at least must have relevant content. Like I said, I love Nintendo. I just think that with the mixed marketing structure, lack of strong 3rd party support, and lack of a dynamic internet structure, its a hard sell. I support Nintendo buy utilizing my 3ds but the wiiU still does not have my undivided attention. I am sure a lot of gamers feel that way and until that message has changed with strong titles like smash bros. Zelda, a true Mario update, f-zero, and metriod, I must stand fast. It is obvious that with the disagrees people feel strongly about the wiiU. If that is the case, why aren't more consoles in the home? Why are we seeing a significant lack in 3rd party support? Why isn't Nintendo marketing more like the competitors? The reason in my honest opinion is that everyone, consumer and nintendo, are scared and confused. People are scared to invest in it because they do not for see a firm direction and Nintendo is scared and confused on how to market this thing. Once that definitive system seller hits, maybe things will change. But right now, the trend is what it is. Newer, fresher hardware is on the horizon and Nintendo's wiiU is becoming a lost product. I hope Nintendo shows me something very soon or they may have to drop the curtains on this inventive and creative product we have a nice little warm spot for in our souls.
level 360  +   848d ago
I bet you the price of Wii U will drop in a big way once XBox ONE/PS4 are finally out on retail shops.

We all know the reason of course, but surely the approval would come from both Nintendo HQ and all the retail shop bosses.

Law of supply and demand and of old techware against new ones.
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stragomccloud  +   848d ago
Why would he hook the Gamecube up instead of the Wii? The Wii was fully backwards compatible with Gamecube games and accessories, and even made gamecube games look better.
BOWZER35  +   848d ago
I've enjoyed my Wii U more than any console, but that's just me.
kidhero99  +   848d ago
CaulkSlap  +   848d ago
Literally just you.
BrandanT  +   848d ago
i really want to know what people mean by "hardcore gamers". Just because people play games like call of duty or battlefield shouldn't make them hardcore gamers. i play those games myself but i wouldn't consider myself hardcore just because i play some great action titles. i don't think any gamer should be considered hardcore by playing the typical hardcore game titles but instead they can be considered hardcore gamers if they play games that aren't so popular with a stereotyped hardcore gamers. games like mario and zelda are a great games that actually challenge you and they don't appeal to the stereotyped hardcore gamer. what i'm really trying to say is that to be considered hardcore you need to find a passion for playing games from other developers and stop being prejudice to the game developing companies that aren't your style. you even shouldn't care for the developer who made the game. what you should care for is the enjoyment of the game. if the damn game looks fun play it.
LBTRecords  +   847d ago
I have serious doubts the author of this article owned a Wii at launch, let alone owned a Wii at all. Notice.

"For me the Wii was the death knell to my Nintendo love affair. I got one on release day and played the hell out of Mario and Zelda"

Mario didn't release until a year after the Wii was released. Also this.

"Eventually I hooked up my GameCube next to Sony’s behemoth. Sorry Wii."

That right there indicates red flags to me. If this author supposedly owned a Wii since launch, they would know that the Wii is fully backwards compatible with the Gamecube. I call bull

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