Xbox One for the Facebook age: beneficial for local gamers

The new added social media features offered by the Xbox One's Friends app could be highly beneficial for South African console gamers. MWEB GameZone takes a look at the situation.

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plut0nash1404d ago

I actually like what they're doing with Xbox Live. It looks far more accessible than with PSN.

plut0nash1402d ago

They're moving more toward social networking. It makes things far more attractive to me. Instead of having friends and having them approve you with every entry, you can follow someones achievements for example.

HanCilliers1404d ago

It's most defs a step in the right direction to up the social media features

Choc_Salties1404d ago

Thats just the clans, that doesnt include how many divisions or teams per clan, so the numbers aren't bad...

christocolus1404d ago

some gamers will become celebrities on xbx live..i see alot of scenarios where gamers would pay to get the best talents on their teams...people are definitly going to become cant wait ..