America mourns Wii loses

Apparently Wii stealings or kidnappings have been occuring all over the United States. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said, "Yes, we have had Wii kidnappings in Michigan, but luckily I still have mine." After working with local police authorities Granholm decided to send out the state's National Guard instead of sending them to Iraq. When asked about her decision Granholm simply stated, "Michigan citizens first. While we can make Iraq look more important than it really is, we need to protect our citizens first. Right now we have real problems in Michigan especially with the Wii kidnappings, and I think that military force is the best way to deal with the issue."

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DesertWolf3864d ago

First Post!!! Eat internet people!!! oh wait.... no-one seems to care about this subject?....

wiizy3864d ago

chill people .supplies are going up

kwicksandz3864d ago

Well not on this site anyway. It doesn't have ps3 or 360 in its name so its not gaming news!

The black wii does pretty sexy though. wish they would release that sku. But they wont till the wii kidnappings cease!

BrianC62343864d ago

What a poorly written story. Or is that porly? Someone really should proofread their stuff.

Basch3864d ago

Hey, that's enough – now feel bad for their loses and stop rebuking them for making so many misteaks....