Microsoft Employees Receive Amazing Discounts on Xbox One Titles

The perks of being an employee of Microsoft.

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THC CELL1470d ago

How does this benefit us, how bout this I work in game and for free I can take home any console or game. For as long I want. Game Leeds

Ezz20131470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

so this article is saying that if you want discounts on xbox titles you have to look for a job at microsoft 0_o

BigShotSmoov0071470d ago

LMAO.....Pretty much. This is a stupid article cause it doesn't benefit us at all.

bmx_bandit1470d ago Show
minimur121469d ago

BMX..... 8 yeas late bud ;)

Red_Devilz1469d ago

@BMX ... It is safe to come out from under the rock. Sony won't bite you.

guitarded771469d ago

Or make friends with people who work for MS so they can get you the hook-up.

ZodTheRipper1469d ago

I wouldn't even buy a Xbox with a discount.

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Infamous2981469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I am tired of microsoft bullshit.

Eonjay1470d ago

As they should. This makes sense.

Crazay1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I had the pleasure of going to the EA HQ a few years ago, and they had a store at the front of the building with all their games in there for a paltry $5 each. They also had all kinds of EA branded merchandise for crazy cheap. It makes total sense to do this for their employees.

BobBelcher1470d ago

why... why is this even news? Alot of businesses give employees discounts.

Lalanana1470d ago

lol. Well said. I am not sure why this is even any news as you said.. Smh weird.


Is this for exclusives only, and does this apply to people who work in MS stores? If so, I may know someone :-D

bigboirock1470d ago

if i remember correctly its only exclusives. i got a uncle that works for Microsoft instead of getting the game for 60$ i got it for 30$ and almost 2 weeks early.

i did this with halo odsd, and reach

Emilio_Estevez1469d ago

Doesn't playing a game early get you banned?

Were you playing offline or is there something on the disk that lets them know it's an employee copy?

Must be nice btw.

bigboirock1468d ago

I played offline there was no point to play online wouldn't find a match

VENOMACR12271470d ago

If I got that discount, I'd buy a ton of games then sell them all on eBay.

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The story is too old to be commented.