Blade & Soul – Girls’ Generation revealed as spokespeople for China

Earlier today, Tencent Games officially announced Korea’s top pop group, Girl’s Generation (or SNSD), as the spokesperson for Blade & Soul China. Also made public will be the non-wipe Closed Beta phase starting on 29th October, where an activation key is still needed.

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Computersaysno1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

How can you have 9 women in a pop group all as spokespersons for a game? What is it with these massive pop groups anyway do the first 3 do the singing and the dancing and the others stand behind them as extras or for moral support or something.

Modern music huh

snsdfan241649d ago

they all sing. Im a huge fan of SNSD(girls generation) each of them sing at least one bar in a song. They also all dance. you should really watch one of their videos