Beyond: Two Souls has "PS4 features" in it, says David Cage

Quantic Dream enabled some "PS4 features" on Beyond: Two Souls, according to Cage.

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Aceman181686d ago

I finished it yesterday and I'd give it a solid 9/10. Great game, love the supernatural/ SciFi story. The game was also more action oriented than Heavy Rain.

To me it seemed like certain reviewers wanted this to be more in the vein of Heavy Rain.

abzdine1686d ago

i started it yesterday and i just for fun i decided to play it with my phone!! i was blown away it works so well.
PS4 release makes more and more sense now with gamepad gameplay.

Baka-akaB1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Sounds more that many complaints got more to do with Cage and peripheral stuff like interviews and statement , that annoy and aggravate them , rather than glaring issues with the game (provided you like the gameplay of course) .

So the plot got holes , so what ? What doesnt ? The ride is so far fun and enjoyable .

minimur121686d ago

Is it just me or does Beyond look better than The Dark Sourcerer?

It's obviously no match from flying things and particles, but body I think it looks a bit better :S

I watched the video again straight after com,,pleteing beyond, going through the unlockable bonus'

GentlemenRUs1686d ago

Thought as much, Things did feel new to the PS3 from this game then seen in other games.

Seriously though? Who don't like this game? Go play it now!

InTheLab1686d ago

Probably why it killed my launch fatty *cries

Worst part is that the game is stuck in the console. Lol

jeeves861686d ago

You can take the console apart to get the disc out. There are some guides online that show step by step. You just have to be careful with the BD drive.

My condolences. I just lost mine myself. I still choke up a bit.

DarkBlood1685d ago

you could do a temp trick and blowdry it for 15 minutes and aftercool down turn it on and immediatly take it out before it shuts off.

InTheLab1685d ago

I'll try that...thanks. The other method isn't working for me..

DarkBlood1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

forgot to tell you where to do that but i assume you'll get my point lol

i did this for my 80 gig limited BC ps3 phatty too :P now its paper weight in the closet haven being replaced by a slim

SolidGear31685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Damn bro.. that sucks.. Dead Island broke my fatty 80GB back in 2011.. I broke it open to get the game out -_-