Nintendo green lights cross-play with other consoles – report

According to a report today from VG 24/7, Knytt Underground developer Ripstone said Nintendo has given them the green light for cross-play with the Wii U.

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TrevorPhillips1739d ago

wow that's a first and also really good news! :D

Eonjay1739d ago

Very good news indeed.

crxss1739d ago

Definitely a step in the right direction

Reverent1739d ago

My dreams of having a SSB game featuring all console mascots is one step closer...

stage881739d ago

Can see this happening with PS4 however Microsoft are very closed with their network so don't expect them to be accepting.

minimur121739d ago

yeah especialllly as we've seen the Wii U misso ut on multiplayer on some stuff.

Batman Arkham Origins to name one

Loadedklip1739d ago

@ reverent ... thats never going to happen. Smash Bros is a nintendo first party title. This x-play deal will be for third party multiplatform games like a Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed Games like Killzone, Halo, Smash Bros wont be affected by this since they wont be released on the other consoles.

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link2Dpast1739d ago

Since we know this wont hapoen with Supersmash bros, since its a Nintendo exclusive. Anyone else wants a new POWER STONE???? Please something

zeal0us1739d ago

I see crossplay with pc and mobile as something that will become common the upcoming generation. Too bad crossplay with other consoles probably won't happen for a long time :(.

Omegabalmung1739d ago

Final Fantasy XI did it between PS2,PC, and X360 but I think thats the only game that did it.

zeal0us1739d ago

MS only allowed it because they thought it would attract more Japanese consumers to their consoles.

However they wouldn't allow with FF14. I guess they don't the idea of PC,PS3,PS4 and XB1 all playing under one roof.

ChickeyCantor1739d ago

Phantasy star online was also well capable of doing that. It's not so much the hardware it's running on but how data is handled between client/server.

Phoenix761739d ago

Portal 2 for ps3 x-play with pc's through the Steam networks

DeadlyFire1738d ago

Cross play for smaller titles is becoming more and more essential I believe. As they have small crowds on each platform. If they have cross play between them all then they have one large crowd.

Alot of developers that try this get discouraged when Microsoft says no and drop cross play altogether. Like Defiance. Which was intended at first to be cross platform play with PC, PS3, X360 and they even had a test build up and running doing this, but Microsoft said no to X360 doing it so they stopped it.

I do see 2nd screen players being mixed into alot of next generation titles. Which is a positive thing and one step closer to cross platform play for all games. :)

I personally would love to cross platform play with many of my friends that own other consoles. Its a bonus to matchmaking time reduction as well.

MasterCornholio1739d ago

Better late than never.

I'm happy that Nintendo is doing this.


Nexus 7 2013

RFornillos41739d ago

is this a rumor or true?

c'mon, it was already confirmed by Ripstone that Nintendo had no problem with cross-play support with other consoles, in terms of multiplayer.

it's act'ly good news. something that will perhaps benefit the whole industry; coz you'll be enjoying the game more on your preferred console.

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The story is too old to be commented.