Harrison: Digital future is unstoppable but retail will live on

Last week was a big week for Xbox One in the UK.

Microsoft, desperate to escape the shadow of its botched Xbox One announcement, visited Eurogamer Expo to let UK consumers play its new console.

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NatureOfLogic1806d ago

Taking away consumer rights is stoppable though.

Lalanana1806d ago

So Digital future is not unstoppable too?

Strange comment from you even though the article mentioned nothing about it.

Quit the trolling sir.

lastofgen1806d ago

your trolling is unstoppable.

ot: I think I'm down for both a mix between digital and retail, with me buying retail copies limited to limited/special editions.

nukeitall1806d ago

Your consumer right hasn't been taken away, it just changed and we all are slowly accepting it.

Steam is technically the digital leader, and PS+ is pushing all digital more than you can imagine.

You may say, I'm getting all these games for very cheap, but Sony is saying we are luring all these consumers into digital future.

That is the reality of it, and let's just hope that when the digital future is on full force, somebody will allow us to trade, resell and share our digital games again.

Septic1806d ago

Oh ffs...

Digital future doesn't necessarily = taking away consumer rights.

Steam does it well and Microsoft have to learn to get the balance right between consumer rights and that of publishers.

Volkama1806d ago

You don't own games you download from Playstation Plus. Does that make them less fun?

The future is not so bad.

Blaze9291806d ago


"Taking away consumer rights is stoppable though."

the irony in your username is something serious.

thechosenone1806d ago

I'm glad this bald headed moron is no longer with Sony.

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Spurg1806d ago

Even Sony knows it plus free game and indie games are alluring people into the digital.

KONAAs1806d ago

no body whants digital, look how mad ppl gor when u were not gon abe able to sell the xb1 used games, i only get digital games because ps+ other than that i would never buy a full digital one

jackanderson19851806d ago

MS were actually going to introduce a market to sell on digital games, it was touted as one of the reasons for the 24 hour check in

nukeitall1806d ago

How many people actually buy music cds now?

Those used media stores are all slowly dying.

EL Lanf1806d ago

False, plenty of people are enjoying digital. The problem is digital on closed systems such as consoles where it leads to a monopoly. Look at PC, its almost entirely digital but people love it because its open and there's competition.

That said, PC's lack of generations means games are safe well into the future unlike a console which is evidently having issues transferring games between them.

MightyNoX1806d ago

@nukeitall please don't compare 4mb songs to 50gig games, it only makes you look like a fool. Granted, I know you love the clown makeup but it just saddens me to see you in this state...

pyramidshead1806d ago

I think it's more to do with how reliable your internet is.

Digital future is indeed inevitable, but seeing as next gen games are 50Gb downloads makes shitty broadband connections worldwide quiver and sweat with fear. As long as shit internet still exists in some corner of the world retail will indeed live on.

Until infrastructure improves (especially in my area) for reliable, fast fibre bb that never falters then people are going to prefer retail by a sheeer long shot.

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come_bom1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Yes it's true, Digital future is unstoppable. Just look at Steam, Origin, etc.

I wouldn't mind Microsoft going all digital like they planed, IF they practiced similar prices and deals we get on Steam or other digital platforms. Unfortunately the prices practiced by Microsoft in relation to games and deals on XBLA are not appealing (to put it lightly). Microsoft at this moment can't even compete with PSN+.

Mikelarry1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

until they start offering prices that resonates with customer giving up a hard copy for digital they will not see any improvements. i don't understand why all these companies that want consumers to get on the digital band wagon but still want to charge the same or even more than what you can get for a hard copy

Bigpappy1806d ago

I actually agree and support your thoughts on pricing

Thehyph1806d ago


I've noticed some of the last few Vita games I've bought are $5 cheaper digitally than in store. I get 13% tax in store but no tax on PSN, too. That alone is enough incentive to get me on the digital wagon.

I will prefer to buy digital for ps4, but I will make some exceptions based on storage. (50GB for Killzone is just too much at my current internet speed)

So, I guess I prefer a mixture of both. "Digital" hasn't stopped CD, DVD or Bluray from existing, and I assume the games market will be the same way.

Bring me those digital discounts!

matgrowcott1806d ago

"i don't understand why all these companies that want consumers to get on the digital band wagon but still want to charge the same or even more than what you can get for a hard copy"

So why don't you take two seconds and look into it?

People still buy the bulk of their games from retail stores. Retail stores don't like the idea of console manufacturers undercutting them.

So they can't. It's a catch-22. That's the reason digital pricing stays so high for so long - it can't drop below what GAME are selling at new for.

This is especially annoying when a retailer sells new for £40 and used for £15.

Mikelarry1806d ago

@ mattgrowcott

so they charge higher prices just because they want to keep retailers happy, the same retailers that are making a fortune from used games? that does not make any sense to me. why would i want to buy that last of us for 59.99 and wait almost 16 hours for it to download to my hard drive when i can just buy a hard copy for 39.99 or even cheaper and play instantly this is the major flaw in that thinking but more power to them.

matgrowcott1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

It's not that they want to keep retailers happy. Technically it's because publishers setting their own prices digitally would give them an unfair advantage.

HOWEVER. You don't screw over the people that give you the majority of your money. Retailers don't NEED publishers (that's why you can buy HMV-exclusive limited editions from GAME the day after release), publishers NEED retailers. Switching over completely to digital would be too big a risk at this point, not least because people just aren't ready for it.

So until people are ready to throw off the shackles of retail - like happened with PC games when GAME refused to stock Steam games - expect to be unhappy with digital.

black0o1806d ago

but they believe something else at 21st of May Until they got this wake up CALL

quinten4881806d ago

Not with 50 gig games it won't.

jatakk1806d ago

Worldwide increases in internet speed and better compression will absolutely make a digital future possible

barb_wire1806d ago

While the rest of the world is indeed increasing internet speeds (Sony offers a 2gb down in Japan) the US lags terribly behind, not only that, many companies here have data caps (good luck downloading 25-50gb games if you have a 250gb cap, and that's not including any music or movies you download)

Our infrastructure just isn't there to prove a stable high speed affordable internet. I read last week that 60% of the US doesn't even have internet access (I don't know if that number is true but I read it on Forbes, so who knows)

The US has a long way to go.

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