Project Spark will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription

Project Spark will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, according to a post by the game's community manager Mike Lescault on the Xbox One Reddit forum.

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Kingthrash3601680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

well that's something not behind a paywall! still ytou need gold to share...always a catch.

MRMagoo1231680d ago

Give it a few days and MS will come out and say it was a mistake or the guy was confused as to what the question was and that the game will require gold lol.

Mystogan1680d ago

I really don't care if it requires gold or not. I will have gold anyway.

JokesOnYou1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

First comment is a typical sonyfanboy. Project Spark is a awesome game/game creation tool it offers a significant user friendly suite of tools that will keep xbox and pc gamers and potential new game devs engaged for years to come AND ITS BEEN WELL KNOWN ITS FREE for awhile, NOW GREEDY MICRO IS ALSO MAKING IT AVAILABLE WITHOUT GOLD. Instead of giving credit where credit is due the haters just talk trash= jealousy because this isnt some old game or budget indie game, this is actually Microsoft giving a brand new IP which honestly is a really valuable intuitive game/tool available to their fans for free.

Kingthrash3601679d ago

man im no fanboy. i was just stating a opinion. free is free if project spark was on ps4 i would have said the same; to share you need online and that goes for both consoles...smh you da fanboy...always thinking like a fanboy. i never said projet spark sukks i (hinted) paywall sukks which it does...but by no means did i judge the game.

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pedrof931680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

He says that it doesn't need gold to play it. Maybe because you can play it offline ? Or simply because the game its totally free.

ZeroX98761680d ago


this is a good news, don't try to turn it over to a bad news. not being behind the paywall is actually great!

Kingthrash3601679d ago

thats what i said u see the exclemation point right? meaning finally something FREE, im not mad..many trolls have made positive statements look sarcastic so i understand the confusion. i one of thos "wtf is a console war?" type of guys. i play games thats it.

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SignifiedSix911680d ago

Lol, reading the comments on there, shows that redditers don't even read.

They ask the same damn questions even after the guy said its free without gold. smh

Fishy Fingers1680d ago

Not surprising. I bet 10% of the N4G comments come from people who actually read what they're posting on.

GameCents1680d ago

No you should learn to discern what you read better.
Note how the questions and answers are not on the same day?
The answers may have come above the questions, but make no mistake, the questions came first.

MYSTERIO3601680d ago

Well that's a start...MS you really need to continue this

urwifeminder1680d ago

The only xbox one game I didn't like the look of but I will give it a try.

Mystogan1680d ago

Dafuq? Its arguably the most innovative and groundbreaking title on Xbox One so far. How could you not like a game that lets you create a game?

How could you be a gamer and not like it? Its a game that lets you create a game for crying out loud!!

urwifeminder1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Just not my thing sure I mess with map builders but its all a bit cutesy for me I may try it and like its just the least interesting launch game for me.

n4rc1680d ago

After watching the montages of community games, I was sold..

Its cutesy stuff they build for demos... But in those clips you see some amazing and diverse games..

You can make virtually anything.. Or I'm my case, let someone with more talent make them and I'll download it =)

Wizziokid1680d ago

Waiting for the catch, MS don't do free.

Will be defiantly getting this on PC though, looks great

Mikefizzled1680d ago

If anyone else listens to the RoosterTeeth podcast they would laugh at the fact you said 'Defiantly' as apposed to 'Definitely'

infectedaztec1680d ago

Neither do Sony. Everything (including Spark) is an incentive to get you to use their system and give them your money long term.

Its not a bad thing, just good business.

Delighted to hear this game is free btw. Always thought I'd like to try it but wasn't willing to pay for it.

Mystogan1680d ago

I'm pretty sure they gave away 12 free games the last couple of months. And even if it does require gold its still free because you're not paying for the game.

GiantEnemyCrab1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Oh this game is not an exclusive to Xbox One? Ugh. So no Xbox required once again. I guess MS doesn't understand the notion of having unique one of a kind experiences to sell its hardware. They just can't seem to commit to dedicate anything to just Xbox.

This makes sense now why it's not behind a pay wall since XBL for PC is dead. They would end up charging console players while the PC get it for free. This is not about doing the customer a favor.

I may just get this for PC as well then.

Ulf1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

*Windows 8* PC.

I actually don't mind W8, personally. It's stable, fast, and the interface is nice once you get used to it. Basically W7 with a new interface. But there is that hook there. MS doesn't only sell hardware, you know.

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