Play Expo 2013 Attendees - Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

Play Expo, the UK's most diverse video gaming expo returned for second year at Event City in Manchester; during the Event one of the Journalist at the event decided to ask a couple of attendees the big question, ... PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

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PoSTedUP1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

lmao the joker.

couple 'nintendo fans, thats cool.

virtual boy
my calculator
kick the can
Xbox One

in that order.

CRAIG6671438d ago

"I don't usually talk to my friends anyway"
Is that a common PS4 fanboy trait lol!

Idba1438d ago


The guy didnt even act like he was a "fanboy".

PeaSFor1438d ago

talking about fanboy, ...grasping at smallest futile straws arent you?

CRAIG6671438d ago

Was a joke, calm down, if you can't see the amusing side of what that guy said then good luck to you.

PeaSFor1438d ago

i hate those kind of video, show me an integral segment of 25-30 peoples anwsering the question instead of small clips edited togheter, its easy to make it look like a one sided thing.

kneon1438d ago

While they certainly could edit it to make it come out however they want, the PS4 coming out on top is consistent with every survey that's been run since the consoles were announced.

PeaSFor1438d ago

yeah im totally aware of the popularity of the ps4 and thats what im getting on launch(xbone in 1-2years maybe more)

i think my pc/ps3/ps4/vita/3ds will keep me busy for a while.

Nabbic1438d ago

Disagree vote added.
Kick that can should be way higher.

GoPanthers9991438d ago

Not exactly unbiased commentary. And, why are you asking Nintendo fans?

GodGinrai1438d ago

biased? that would be an understatement..

GoPanthers9991438d ago

Got to love them going up to Nintendo folks who appeared puzzled by the question. Duh, we like Nintendo!

redcar1211438d ago

Ps4 fan boy doing polls I smell corruption