Monster Hunter Frontier G Gets a 10 Minutes Long Introduction Video and More

Monster Hunter Frontier G is about to be released for PS3 and Wii U in Japan, and will also hit the PS Vita next year, and Capcom must have thought that it needed a new introduction video to help potential newcomers familiarize with the game.

Also a second video introduces a new questline centered on the new Diva that will soon grace the world of Monster Hunter.

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R00bot1807d ago

Game looks good, but the graphics are still as bad as the Wii instalment.

N4GCB1807d ago

The wii version actually has better graphics imo, what the wii lacks in screen resolution it makes up for in water, fire and having 3D textures.

Frontier has 2d textures so it looks very flat and really just looks like a ps2 game.

lilbroRx1807d ago

The one on the Wii was just a PS2 port, so it should read, as bad as a PS2 installment.

Ol_G1806d ago

except they build everything from the ground up for wii animations are a world apart from ps2 versions monsters will drool , limp ,eat other monsters you can go underwater fight seamonsters there for the first time switchaxe was introduced as a new weapon but yeah totally the same as the ps2 version

lilbroRx1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

@EOI_G, exept they didn't. Its the exact same game. You apparently do not know what you talking about apparently.

You are mistaking Monster Hunter G, for Monster Hunter Tri(G was an enhanced version of MH2). This trailer isn't for a version of Tri.

Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii is the most detailed monster hunter to ever be released. The 3DS version(and the subsequent Wii U HD port of the 3DS version) have lower polygon models and less effects so they still aren't as detail as the one for the Wii.

Monster Hunter G was the first one released on the Wii, and it was just a PS2 port. This is that exact same game only with more monters, content and higher res textures*(they didn't actually ad any new detail or redesign the textures). The polygon count and actual texture/lighting quality are exactly the same as they were on the PS2.

Monster Hunter Frontier G is an old game.

Ol_G1805d ago

i'm talking about tri i thought that was obvious as i talked about underwater fights -.-
didn't know monster hunter g was on wii

Drithe1807d ago

Those are some terrible graphics. I s this one the ps2? LOL! I will wait for the ps4 version or that new Capcom rpg coming out for it Down in the wtf ever name it is.

N4GCB1807d ago

It was made around the same time so I wouldn't doubt it, using the same 3dmodels engine etc, the thing about mmo's is they rarely ever have graphical over hauls, some do, but usually once you hit a certain amount of items and content in a game it kind of becomes an unreachable dream to recreate everything with higher poly counts and whatnot, that you might as well just roll with what you have till it doesn't become feasible anymore.

And because of this the ps4 version of this won't look any different.

Deep Down is what you're looking forward too, and keep a good eye on it, cause it looks like a mighty fine game.

MajorGecko1807d ago

want this for my vita never played monster hunter before but i heard it translates into crack in japanesse

Inception1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

You can try Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite on PSN US

Personally i never like Monster Hunter (already try it on PS2 and PSP but still don't have the passion to follow the series).

MajorGecko1806d ago

very tempting but the thing that will grab me about it is the MMO aspect i want to see how that works out on vita

+bubbles for giving me options i never knew exsisted

Inception1806d ago

No problem mate. I'm glad i can help :)

tubers1806d ago

Not THIS game but the mainline series.

Zichu1807d ago

I played quite a bit of Frontier years ago, managed to get to the point where you fight the Espinas. The game is really tough, soloing just isn't an option. It also didn't help trying to translate everything in the game.

Luckily, there was an English guild on one of the servers, so I joined them. They were very helpful and we did quite a lot quests together.

My gripe with the game though is the outdated graphics and the fact that it's got the same mechanics as the PS2 version. They have updated the weapon attack animations and such, but you can't swim underwater.

If you already played MH3U, this game would look and play terribly compared. This is pre-fixed hitboxes >.<

DestinyHeroDoomlord1807d ago

Plesioth, pre-fixed hitboxes= mental instability. .. plesioth +fixed hit boxes= sunshine and rainbows

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