J-Stars Victory VS Screenshots Unleash Vegeta, Sasuke and More

Namco Bandai has shared the latest set of J-Stars Victory VS screenshots that have Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z dishing out some serious damage, along with Sasuke from Naruto and Zebra from Toriko.

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thejigisup1765d ago

I'm ever so fascinated by this game I've always wanted to see a ton of my favorite OP characters filter it out and this game looks to deliver some of the heaviest hitters out there. hope the gameplay isn't doodoo and it'd like to see a localization of this game but I'd be down to import it if need be

Sheed1765d ago

i can't wait for this game. and i'm glad so much of it is in english, importing won't be too big of a problem here.

Deathdeliverer1764d ago

I will be on this shit day 1