Killer Instinct Brings the Fight to NYCC

Killer Instinct preview/tournament at NYCC 2013

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Fireseed1734d ago

I have to disagree with his statement that it would be a mashers heaven and that it won't see high level competitive play. I certainly understand how a novice fighting game player can think that but it just doesn't work that way. I played a king of the hill style mini tourney when I played the game and had lots of button mashers thrown at me and none could even so much as take down my primary health bar. All because I knew what their normals looked like and was able to counter break them at every turn. If anything this game has a HUGE advantage for veterans of the KI franchise and fighters in general. But button mashers have a great time against each other cause combos are easy to pull off and it makes them feel like they're doing well.

arnoldt211734d ago

I hope that's true. I wouldn't say i'm a tourney level fighter, but i'm far from a novice and the only reason I lost was because I didn't stick to my strong suit(trying to get a feel for different fighters). The two mashers I saw, and the one who ended up winning his bracket did much better than I thought they should have, but only time will tell. Part of making a fighter accessible is running that risk of not offering a growing challenge.

fenixm1733d ago

Is not a mashers heaven, there are combo breakers and a parry like move and shadow counters.