China says goodbye to its oldest gaming magazine

Gaming may be a growing industry in China, but it seems that even that growth isn’t enough to counteract the downfall of one of the last bastions of old-school gaming: the gaming magazine. China’s Play (家用电脑与游戏) — the country’s oldest gaming magazine — hinted in its most recent Weibo post that its upcoming November-December issue will be its last. The shutdown hasn’t been officially announced, but the image accompanying that Weibo post mentions a goodbye and most observers have interpreted it as an announcement that like so many other print magazines before it, Play is finally folding.

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pedrof931767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I have a feeling that Dynasty warriors was the only game that they ever talked about.

Pozzle1766d ago

It's sad that gaming magazines seem to be becoming a thing of the past.