NBA 2K14 PS4 Vs PS3 Lebron James looks crazy

Product-Reviews writes: The moment has arrived for all basketball fans. NBA 2K14 is coming soon to next-gen consoles and as a result, we recently saw a image of Lebron James captured for the first time on PS4 hardware. Now, we can bring you a comparison, showing the Miami Heat star’s model on NBA 2K14 PS4 vs PS3 just to show you the huge differences in quality.

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tr00p3r1438d ago

Looks incredible.. why would you get the PS3 version over next-gen now? PS4 all the way!

Eonjay1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Darker skin tones have always been poorly rendered. It absorbs and reflects light in very subtle ways. The previous gpus weren't really good at creating believable skin tones. I don't know anyone who is a single slab of a shade of brown. All skin tones radiate light; having some level of ambiance. You can see a vast improvement

FamilyGuy1438d ago

That's crazy, it looks a lot better yet the Madden upgrade was barely noticeable.
The PS4 version here looks really good while his mouth is closed but those old shots of him shouting or whatever make it... not look so good.
Need more focus on open mouths and teeth, David Cage seems to be the only that cares about it so far.

Lalanana1438d ago

Eh not really that vast of improvement for next gen. I was expecting more

Tapioca Cold1438d ago

C'mon all you said 'gamers'... gameplay is all that matters./s With that argument stick with last gen. No thanks.

As I have always said why can't you just have both?

I'll take both.

Spinal1438d ago

Well if you want both. You go for PC.

I've had the best of both worlds with games like BF3, Max Payne 3 & GTA 4.

They have everything over my consoles. I will someday own a PS4 but not until it has a nice library of exclusives cause multiplat games are simply better on PC.

And yes Gameplay>>Graphics anyday of the week. I'd rather have a brilliant open world gameplay experience like GTA 5 than graphics like Uncharted with Linear gameplay.

badboy7761438d ago

Beyond Two Souls Graphics!

PS3 can do this.

BallsEye1438d ago

Beyond two souls is not a game.

MysticStrummer1438d ago

"why would you get the PS3 version over next-gen now?"

How about this : The vast majority of PS3 owners won't be buying a PS4 right away.

BigShotSmoov0071438d ago

Very true. Alot of people are going to wait to get the next gen consoles cause they don't like the launch lineup, can't afford it or simple don't want to give up their current gen consoles yet so thats why people are still buying games for their PS3/360.

Derekvinyard131438d ago

Free online, I play the ps3 version it's not like you can't see anything

THamm1438d ago

Remember Visual Concepts defined current gen sports games with NFL 2K DreamCast launch 1999. Always expect them to make the big leap and everyone try to follow afterwards

3-4-51438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

2K knows what they are doing.

Their gameplay and Franchise modes are the best and most in-depth ever.

They've always lacked a good looking engine to run their games on though.

They have next gen graphics now, watch out EA. The playing field has been leveled. ( all sports)

MyFeetHurt1438d ago

they all look the same !

Rageanitus1438d ago

Just like why not ppl play PC games over a console.... money goes along way when it comes to perceived value.

Back-to-Back1437d ago

I really hope people dont think the game will look like this. These are what we refer to as bullshots. 2k edited the hell out of them. I will judge how to game looks when we get to see actual gameplay.

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Ezz20131438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

WOW @[email protected]'s a very big gap in GFX here

even though ps3 version look very great
ps4 version look very life like
at first i thought that was real pic

tr00p3r1438d ago

If this is a launch game, I'd love to see what 2K15 is going to be like maxing out the PS4 hardware.. 0.0

Kingthrash3601438d ago

i doubt it would be maxing out the ps4 next year but prolly '16

Ezz20131438d ago

i can't wait to see what WWE2K will look like on ps4

WeAreLegion1438d ago

The Show will look even better.

Tony-Red-Grave1438d ago

Meanwhile a EA HQ: "hmmm more of the same for madden dismissed"

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cedaridge1438d ago

AGREE! I'm using the ps3 version of NBA 2K14 as an appetiser for Next Gen NBA 2K14...

N81438d ago

Now when I play the current gen I say damn I can't wait for ps4.

WeAreLegion1438d ago

Crap. I want it just for the graphics... I hate basketball games though!

showtimefolks1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

sports games
racing games

are the best game types to show the power of systems early in a system's life, can't wait what future MLB the show games will look like along with future WWE games

pwnsause_returns1437d ago

"WWE games"

thats right they own the WWE IP now :)

James-GAMES1438d ago

Cant wait to see the leap in graphics for this next gen!

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