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Greg Knoll states, "Quantic Dream is one step closer to obliterating the line between cinema and games; Souls is no doubt doomed to be criticized for it...Foolishly so."

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Tiqila985d ago

I am so confused by all these mixed reviews... and the demo wasnt helpful either. I really enjoyed Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit but Im not sure about this one... hmm...

robtion985d ago

I felt the same but don't hesitate, if you liked those games Beyond will not disappoint you. It's great

ceedubya9985d ago

I agree. If you liked those games, chances are you will like this one too.

robtion985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Seriously,if you have liked past Quantic dreams games do yourself a favour and play this game.

iistuii984d ago

Good game, a bit drawn out at the end, a lot of go here tidy up, find something to do moments, just like in Heavy Rain when you had to shower & shave & find something to do for the sake of it which just drag out the game, but overall a pretty good game.

SolidGear3984d ago

This has to be the best experience of my life next to The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, BioShock and Catherine. Don't just buy, go back in time and buy it day 1 like I did. Got the steelbook edition.

robtion984d ago

You have very good taste in games. All of those games are awesome.