SNL Korea brings us the GTA V parody Grand Theft Autumn: Keijo

What if Grand Theft Auto V was set in Korea during the Japanese colonial period? Check out this GTA V parody that aired on the South Korean version of Saturday Night Live.

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ChrisW1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Wow... SIGH!!!

I'm certain that no one here understands the ongoing tension that Koreans create concerning the Japanese occupation almost 70 years ago... But they are quite adamant about their hatred towards Japan.

It'll be another many, MANY years before Koreans find themselves remotely capable of forgiving what many Japanese soldiers, most of who've now passed away, have done.

Parodies and cheap-shots, like this, are not unique in Korean media, but at least this one was rather tame in comparison.

Pozzle1616d ago

To be fair, Japan's government has never properly apologized for what they did to Korea in WW2 and have swept a lot of their war crimes under the rug.
It doesn't help that certain Japanese politicians seem to enjoy stirring the pot (e.g. earlier this year Osaka's mayor said that Korean sex-slaves were a "necessity" during the war because raping foreign women helped the soldiers "rest" after battle). So I can definitely see why Korea still has much anger towards Japan. The Korean media might not be kind to the Japanese, but Japanese media and government is equally unkind to Koreans.

ChrisW1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Japan hasn't apologized enough?!?

Just because Koreans refuse to accept Japan's formal apologies doesn't mean they haven't properly apologized! (IMO, there's no appeasing Korea's cult of personality.)

--"List of war apology statements issued by Japan"--

Comparatively, you should see what Koreans do in protest against Japan. It makes Mayor Hashimoto's comment pale in comparison!

For example; do a Google search (general & image) for "Dokdo protests"... It's appalling and disgusting.

Pozzle1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

It's not about "how many times" can Japan apologize, but rather can the country significantly address and acknowledge its war past. Compare the way Japan dealt with its war crimes and criminals to Germany, or the way German culture has rigorously addressed the Nazi past and done everything it can to exorcise this kind of ethnocentric nationalism from their soil. I'm not saying that Germany is perfect (they have their own issues of racism, e.g. the Turkish immigrant population), but you would never see a German politician visiting Nazi graves, calling war criminals "heroes", or destroying Holocaust memorials.

I'm not trying to imply that all Japanese people are insincere apologists, or that Korean protesters haven't occasionally crossed the line, and I'm sorry if it came across like that, but Japan have quietly shoved their war crimes under the rug (or in the case of some politicians, outright embraced them) and this is why a number of Korean victims have been unable to achieve closure and move on with their lives. They were denied any significant justice during the post-war tribunals, and then all they hear in the form of an apology is a lukewarm expression of remorse followed by some Japanese politicians celebrating the country's war crimes? Again, contrast this with the gestures made by German chancellors post-war towards the Jewish communities of Europe.

TL;DR: There's a reason skits like this exist. It isn't just Korea being douchey towards Japan for no reason. A lot of bad blood still exists between the two countries.

ChrisW1616d ago

--Visiting War Criminals

What gets me, and irks me, is that countries like China and Korea complain a lot about Japanese politicians visiting shrines that have war criminals buried at them... but they know very well that in Buddhism all are considered equal in death. And thus all are considered "Heroes." This is a religious belief... And right or wrong, it's what they believe.

--Ultimate Apology

The ultimate apology that Korea and China are wanting is the one coming from the Japanese Emperor saying that he was fully and unconditionally responsible.

Two problems with this, 1) The Allies cleared Emperor Hirohito of all war crimes... a decision that you can thank/blame General MacArthur for. 2) Emperor Hirohito passed away 25 years ago.

But even then, Emperor Akihito has apologized for his country's actions twice to two different Korean Presidents. However, more than half of Koreans still believe all of Japan's apologies are not enough.

Honestly, what's the point on apologizing if none that you are apologizing to find you sincere? I commend those who still attempt to apologize regardless of knowing that their apology will fall on deaf ears.

Somebody1616d ago


There is no way appeasing them. Just what and how much do the Japanese has to do to get them(victims) satisfied? 1 trillion dollars of compensation every year? A thousand virgin sacrifices every six months? The whole nation has to go on live, global broadcast and apologize every new year? Sacrifice the first born of the relatives of the soldiers who made those atrocities?

Will they ever truly pardon the Japanese? To be exact: will the politicians do? Japanese guilt is to big of a political advantage to relinquish immediately.

The Japanese are demanding something? Let's remind the masses they forced their grandmothers to become pleasure girls while the rest were tortured. At times, the victims look a bit insincere in their quest for closure when they only rattled a lot of noise when a politician needs them.

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BOLO1616d ago

Precisely...My time in South Korea showed me they have an unwavering and stubborn national pride toward hating "Yankee" and the Japanese...At the same time...South Korea is no more than a Japan junior...They have mimicked so many Japanese products and culture it's not even funny...They also are so weak when it comes to showing North Korea who is boss...No K-Pop, Gangnam Style, or kimchi can save them from 3 days worth of artillery shelling on their capital Seoul...

young7yang1616d ago

Dickless! I am going to remember that one for a while.