Pokemon X and Y: When will the game’s graphics be as good as the TV show?

Sebastian Anthony: In the first 24 hours of their release, Pokemon X and Y sold 5.5 million units, making them two of the fastest-selling games of all time, just behind Grand Theft Auto 5. Pokemon X and Y are being universally received as excellent additions to the second-biggest-selling game franchise of all time — and beyond the addition of full networking/multiplayer functionality, by far the greatest new feature is the addition of full 3D graphics in battles and in some areas of the game world. The 3D graphics are so good that Pokemon X and Y almost looks the same as the Pokemon TV show — an impressive jump from the Nintendo DS’s weak 2D graphics. The question is, though: When will the graphics of a Pokemon game be better than the TV show?

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nosferatuzodd1557d ago

5.5 in 24 hrs damn that's impressive ..

Spore_7771557d ago

More proof that Nintendo isn't going anywhere despite the negativity against it buy most "hardcore" gamers.

"Considering there’s no
competition, and Pokemon X and Y were two of
the fastest selling games of all time, I can’t
imagine Game Freak or Nintendo will be pushing
overly hard for super-high-quality graphics"

Yes, because Nintendo cares more about gameplay than visuals. Whereas that, ideally, makes games better experience, we cannot completely rule out visuals. Come next-gen Nintendo hand-held, I would like to see more horse-power in that bad boy. There is nothing wrong with having great graphics in a game with proper controls and plot, Nintendo... Nothing.

WildArmed1557d ago

Agreed, I think Nintendo dev don't seem to invest too many resources into animation and textures (which is fine by me) and the resources go into other aspects of the game such as music, gameplay, content.

I'm fine w/ giving up some visual detail for more fleshed out games. A pretty game is just a pretty picture if it doesn't have any real content.

Eldyraen1557d ago

I'm 30 years old and have to admit if they made a Wii U Pokemon game I'd probably have to go buy the console...

Pokemon on Gameboy was a blast back in the day but haven't bought a handheld in years.

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