Turtle Beach Headset Work For Playstation 4 & Xbox One

"If you’re looking to buy a PlayStation 4 when it comes out, then your ears are in luck. Turtle Beach is in the process of developing a line of headsets that target the PS4 directly. It has also been confirmed that all of their headsets will be compatible with the PS4 on launch." Matthew

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Talking Smack on day 1 LOL

SpitFireAce851806d ago

To bad my PX 21s broke a few weeks ago no sound.transmitted tthrough the ear cups.

lxBlack_Venomxl1806d ago

Wait so my PX21 will work? :D

Akuma2K1806d ago

I thought sony said last week that a patch would need to be downloaded for all PS3 headsets to work on PS4, I guess we'll find out in 30 days.

BLACKBIBLE1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Yes PS officially Headsets Like the pulse Headsets, but not 3rd party. Turtle because is the only one who said they can.

gamertk4211806d ago

Astro said they would too.

Akuma2K1805d ago

ok cool, got that confused.

gamer20131806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Bought two TB headsets and replaced them both multiple times. My current one is on it's way out as well. Garbage! Don't waist you're money people.

Akuma2K1805d ago

My TB PX21 headset still works, had for 2 years with no problems.