New PS4 Ad Airs During Monday Night Football

GR said, "The PlayStation 4 marketing campaign is heating up, thanks to a new commercial on Monday Night Football."

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Caleb_H1560d ago ShowReplies(4)
GiggMan1560d ago

Yeah I can dig it myself. I was watching the game and didn't realize it was a PS4 commercial until I saw the Drive Club segment (I had to chuckle).

They are doing a great job with these ads building a buzz, now show some gameplay and they'll be in business.

xHeavYx1560d ago

That commercial was hilarious. Glad to see Sony pr team doing a good job

pedrof931559d ago

For those who are asking themeselves.

Lou reed - Perfect Day

This is maybe the greatest commercial ever :D

hakeem09961559d ago

The commercial was boring but at least they had one .they not the best when it comes to advertising their product.

pyramidshead1559d ago

I like this version of the drive club section:

vigilante_man1559d ago

Great AD.

Sony have the 2 best Ads to date with this and Greatness Awaits.

Reminded me of Bad Company & Mad World.

Love it!!

MWong1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Was the first skit Elder Scrolls Online? Great commercial, I even like the Taco Bell "Play the Future First" commercial.

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PoSTedUP1560d ago

i love this AD!! it's flawless down to the core!

Sony are Back in Full Force, in Every Aspect. :' D

badz1491560d ago

lol. hillarious. good ad

Blaze9291559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I don't get it. Microsoft was slammed hard for not showing any games and gameplay their first NFL commercial yet Sony is doing the exact same thing and it's being praised as the greatest advertisement of all time?

smh lets be real here people, that commercial made no sense and I'm SURE the majority of NFL players will connect 1:1 with it as far as selling a PS4 goes. That commercial will make them want to buy a PS4.


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GdaTyler1560d ago

They're really pushing this thing. Can't wait to see those first week sale numbers.

speed3891560d ago

here we go!!!! I cant wait to get my hands on my ps4... about 1month to go!