Linux to compete against Windows as gaming OS?

With DICE's creative director, Lars Gustavsson, saying that "it only takes a "killer" game for the Linux platform to explode its way into mainstream gaming", I went ahead and asked the opinion of a Linux Specialist and gamer.

Could Linux compete against Microsoft Windows on the gaming scene?

Would it only take one "killer" game for Linux to do so?

Check out the details in here.

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OrangePowerz1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

The best shot Linux has is SteamOS.

Linux will not get a kiler game, because nobody would ever want to take the risk of doing a Linux only game on a bigger scale in the hopes that people will flock over to Linux.

JohnHeatz1736d ago

Making Linux only "AAA" games wouldn't be the case, though, maybe make those AAA games for both platforms at launch, that could get some of us to be able to not have Windows anymore and be able to do our daily tasks and game without having to be switching between Operating Systems, but indeed, I do agree that SteamOS might be what is needed for this to, at least, start happening

Spinal1736d ago

You guys live in imagination land if you think PC gamers would drop windows just for HL3 on Linux loooool.

Windows provides far too much other programs people need day to day including Steam an other services not one gamer would drop their windows for Linux just for one game even for all valve games it would make no difference.

If Valve was to make their IPs exclusive to Linux which they wouldn't but if they did the sales will be horrible an Most will not transfer over for those games only the very few elitist hardcore gamers would an even then they would return to windows. Services like Twitch tv for game steaming loads of software which people need windows for. Xsplit fraps etc.

And by the way most PC gamers have stuck to windows 7 and will not be upgrading to win 8 just like we skipped Vista. I'll wait to see what Win 9 has to offer.

UltimateMaster1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Yes and no.
Both are going for the "same market".
Yes, Steam is going to Linux, and it's free.
But at the same time, everyone has windows and everyone will be having both anyway.
So I really don't see how they can compete with one another since you can have both on the same machine.

"Windows provides far too much other programs people need day to day including Steam an other services not one gamer would drop their windows for Linux just for one game even for all valve games it would make no difference. "

like he said.
Linux is free, it's just a means to have a different interface.

So, no, it doesn't compete.

pwnsause_returns1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I think a game like half life 3 could push it. Then again valve can't count to 3, unless that what they're setting up half life 3 for.

I mean, when you think about it, with everything we heard from valve and their hatred for windows 8, and of course their financial stake at this, it only makes sense.

OrangePowerz1736d ago

I know Valve doesn`t like Windows, but I doubt they would do HL3 exclusive for SteamOS and Linux. I`m certain if he we ever get HL3 it will be for SteamOS, Linux, Windows and consoles for maximum profit.

Amazingmrbrock1736d ago

I could almost see them doing steam os and consoles only. It would be a huge gamble though but I think it would probably work if they made installing steam os fool proof enough. A lot of people wouldn't just not play halflife 3, they'd jump through whatever hoops they had to.

If they do HL3 L4D3 and Portal 3 on it they'll probably have most pc gamers switched over.

JohnHeatz1736d ago

@pwnsause There's already a valid-registered trademark for Portal 3, they might've already learned how to count to 3, there was also this leak about Left4Dead 3 some months HF3 confirmed...besides that leak of the development team

Details: Portal 3 Trademark =
HF3 Dev Team =
L4D3 =

@OrangePowerz A "SteamOS/Linux" game would be a little...redundant, wouldn't it? But I agree that they wouldn't rule out Windows just to push SteamOS, it wouldn't be the best of the ideas...

OrangePowerz1736d ago

We know SteamOS is based on Linux, but not to what extend really. The best case scenario would be that any SteamOS game runs by default on Linux but that has not been confirmed yet and Valve wants to push Linux also outside of SteamOS.

DeadManIV1736d ago

People can always run dual-OS. SteamOS for gaming and Windows for everything else

DeadlyFire1735d ago

I could see Valve doing timed exclusive releases for their next set of games.

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JohnHeatz1736d ago

You know...I hadn't read about that one! Thanks for pointing to that information!

Bigpappy1736d ago

You all need to calm down those anti-M$ wet dreams.

First off: Steam can NOT survive without Windows.

Second: That linux box is DOA unless Valve releases it as a stand alone console with the same strong 3rd party support as PS4 and Xbox 1. As it is, there is no void for it to fill. So there is no reason for anyone to buy one. OH sorry, forgot that M$ haters will be first in line to waste that money on a dream. Good luck with that.

OrangePowerz1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I won`t buy a Steam Machine because my PC is already connected to my TV, but I will gladly install SteamOS.

I will always need Windows as a second OS because of my work so I will never get rid of that.

Steam could survive without Windows. Keep in mind that SteamOS is free and can be installed on any PC, but there are two things. Valve needs to get the majority to install SteamOS and all games need to support the OS. Depending on those two things Valve could shift it`s customer base away from Windows.

I`m not sure how people can be positive about Windows and everything else they made out of free will. Let me guess you think Zune is awesome as well? I use Windows because I have to and if there would be an OS that allows me to do everything I can do now I would switch in no time. Windows 8 is an abomination of a desktop PC OS and they try to force people to upgrade by including the latest DirectX version only with Win8.

I would never pay for Windows, but I would gladly pay for another OS that is well designed and does the exact same but isn`t made by the worst, most greedy and dodgy company on the planet who continues to use practices that shouldn`t be allowed to undermine the competition. At least here in Europe we fine them a few billion for what they do (not like it changes much for their bank balance).

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1736d ago

who cares, Consoles still get more sales. idc if PC has better graphics gameplay is what makes the game great.

combatcash1736d ago

If gameplay is what makes the games great, why would you bring up sales? lol

Btw pc generates tons of money

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1736d ago

because PC doesnt get half the sales console do.

combatcash1736d ago


Where are you getting your numbers from?
Do you mean combined or pc vs one particular console? Pc has a ridiculous amount of games available and there's more pc's in households than there is consoles.

Amazingmrbrock1736d ago

@UnRivaLeD What planet are you on man? Pc sales have been at parity with console sales for a few years now. Most sales stats don't show that however because they only count boxed copies sold. While most pc games are sold digital, and those numbers are a fair bit harder to find.

Bigpappy1736d ago

I don't get why the culture on this site is to dismiss SALE and embraces stuff like review scores and fidelity. Sales is the single most reliable way of recognizing success.

Amazingmrbrock1736d ago

@Bigpappy success =/= quality. Most people that play games should be more interested in the quality of those games than the success of those games. The two things aren't mutually exclusive but one does not equal the other.

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4logpc1736d ago

Linux has an uphill battle. Even with SteamOS its got to tackle Microsoft, who has an endless supply of money. Unless Microsoft drops PC gaming, Linux can't ever over take it.

JohnHeatz1736d ago

Well, Games for Microsoft is going to be shut down in the middle of 2014, so there's still a chance, totally agree on the "uphill" state of the battle, but there's a slight chance that even if Linux doesn't quite get there, it could get some more users and games

4logpc1736d ago

Microsoft is indeed dropping GFWL, but there are numerous places saying they are working on some sort of new cross play for XB1 and PC. I would think something to replace GFWL is in the pipeline.

JohnHeatz1736d ago

@4logpc So far, I've only seen rumors about that, and just recently Microsoft people mentioning that cross platform (XB1 <=> PC) "makes a lot of sense", but that's about it -so far-

adorie1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Open source community is mightier than their money. Believe it. Nvidia and AMD on board and MS at war with their partners.... MS isn't the same company it was when Wall Street ate up it's every word as gospel.

We're more enlightened.

4logpc1736d ago

The open source community is great, but it represents such a small % of the gaming community.

MyFeetHurt1736d ago

i hate to break it to ya but outside of big name sponsored community projects like mysql and fedora,

open source is crap.

it takes real $$$ to test and create real code.

annus1736d ago

I can't believe you actually believe that. You honestly think the average consumer gives a shit if they can get read the source code? I don't think you realise how many industry standard products are proprietary.

And just because it's on linux doesn't mean it's open source.

nosferatuzodd1736d ago

I sure would like to see Microsoft fall on theire ass for once

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