Xbox One Friends List is Perfect for Online Personalities

Are you ready for the next generation and getting a whole new experience with your friends?

The Xbox One is releasing on November 22nd, and Microsoft has finally answered all of our prayers with the new friends system on Xbox One. It's going to make categorizing and playing with your friends easier than ever.

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Gozer1649d ago

I was wondering how they were going to handle a 1000 friend strong friends list. Looks like they were forward thinking when it came to that.

HardcoreGamer1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

absolutley perfect?

its soo funny, it seems anything xbox related in terms of what it does or features are, and its supposedly perfect?

im an arsewhore, so im going to believe it all and eat the crap from xbox one off the floor.

that is the difference between gamers of playstation and xbox


Dude......what are u talking about??

JokesOnYou1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

MELMAN26 I have no idea what he's ranting about.

OT this new friends list setup looks great and the tagging function to keep close friends and family seems like a well thought out idea for the upgrade to 1000 friends, that's a lot. lol certainly too many for me, I probably won't keep track of more than 20 folks but its cool they are making the online very socially friendly with an easy to use functionality.

christocolus1649d ago

dude shut up and crawl back into that hole ...

PFFT1648d ago

Turtles are like bricks.
You punch a dog.
Im scared of boxes.

CRAIG6671648d ago

HardcoreGamer - HardcoreTROLL.

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PFFT1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


1648d ago
Omar911649d ago

looks nice and sleek. I like it. Now Show me ps4 interface!

Tooly1649d ago

lol they showed it where u you been.

Omar911648d ago

Well yes your right but not in detail. I want to see more! lol

Ashby_JC1649d ago

Im really looking forward to the changes such as this from the current gen.

Just got a pre-order in at best buy today!!

Bigpappy1648d ago

Come on M$. Show us some more features.

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