GTA IV to become the most played game on LIVE?

TVGB: "..if GTA's sales on the last generation of consoles is any indication on what's in store eight days from now, Rockstar's first major attempt at online multiplayer in a GTA game could be the next big thing in online play."

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THC CELL3865d ago

i think the ps3 will out sell x box
and be played a hell of a lot more on PSN

Sez 3865d ago

psn must be a pretty lonely place if you are here trolling this thread.

Phil Harrison Mklll3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

another eXploding xFlop 360 in that main GTA4 photo!:D

Ballsacteebaghow3864d ago

Wow.. You're actually trolling 360 news.

For that.

Enjoy waiting for you're 'so called' AAA titles. They'll never come.
Along with in game XMB, in game music! and more!

GT5P is broken.. crappy physics, shocking online!

When is killzone 2 due? this year? hahahahaha! NO.

I'll enjoy a first class service with stunning AAA titles.

While you WAITB3YOND.

pp3865d ago

jealous they didn't mention PSN

Ali_The_Brit3864d ago

PSN will probably get more GTA action, as the no life xbots seem to get obsessed with either gaylo 3 or cod4

Truplaya3865d ago

its gonna be awesome. I hope it can work like Burnout Paradise with no loading screens. That would be amazing

SEiGHTan3864d ago

I'm not going to google for you, it's very easy, just type in "gta iv auto aim" and then read up for example!

Foliage3864d ago

I hope Live can work with all this pressure without going down or suffering with the usual lag. Christmas was pretty bad.

SEiGHTan3865d ago

I'm not so sure. It will have online racing with dodgy driving controls and online shooting with snap-on auto-aim. Jack of all trades.

HighDefinition3865d ago

when did you play it?

I`m just curious.

SEiGHTan3865d ago

I read the reviews and previews.

HighDefinition3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Where did it say all this? Cause it sounds like your interpretation/opinion of GTAIV.

GTAIV has gotten all 10/10`s, No game is PERFECT. But 10/10 doesn`t scream "tacked on" online.

NO_PUDding3864d ago

It doesn't scream "tacked on" but it certianly doesn't scream "we have been doing multiplayer for ears" either.

I am buying GTA 4 for PS3, and it won't be a hit on Live or PSN.

Capt CHAOS3864d ago

I think it'll be a great game, but not so sure about the online. I may buy it for the campaign but the online.. Hmm.. Not so sure.

waltercross3864d ago

I'll surely try out the online feature, It sounds
pretty fun, I think everyone should at least try
it once.

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BeaArthur3865d ago

It wouldn't suprise me at all. I will be picking it up early that day so I can get online before everyone gets on and it becomes unplayable as the day goes on. At least within the first few weeks it will definitely be the most played but we will have to wait and see if it has the staying power of a game like Call of Duty 4.

BeaArthur3865d ago

I typically only get on this site at work and since I'm lucky to even be able to access the site I don't worry about the extras.

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