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The Laymen's Gamer writes a review about Beyond: Two Souls for the Playstation 3, summarizing thusly: "One would buy this game for the same reason one would buy a movie; not so it would consume every moment of your free time that you could spend watching movies, but rather so you could revisit a great tale that you enjoyed, at your convenience; which is exactly how I would recommend any of Quantic Dream’s games. You should experience it at least once but don’t hold onto it if you don’t plan on checking out all the story branches and getting all the trophies."

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Campy da Camper1680d ago

I personally loved this game. I thought it was a great experience. Just like other forms of art, its meant to be played and experienced but not something for everyday usage. I like the trans Siberian orchestra and love to go once a year and see them play but I don't play them every day on my mp3 player. I love filet mignon steak but only order it once in a while for a treat. I love to make a crazy night of love with the woman and bust out the cuffs and French maid outfit but in reality the morning romp is far less spectacular but gets the job done.

My point is if you go into this game like you do battlefield or world of Warcraft you will be dissapointed. If you have a 3 day weekend, no roommate or girlfriend around and you put on some good headphones, turn down the lights and lay down in your recliner you will have a great experience. Maybe not, but I sure did.

laymensgamer1680d ago

You're right on the money, there. Only thing that would have made this one of the greatest games of all time would... I guess... be to make it more of a game. Some of the action sequences are things I would have loved to have more control over.