7 reasons why everyone's talking about Xbox One

MSN NZ: One of the year's hottest pieces of technology is a little over a month away. Here's why it's the talk of the town.

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GarrusVakarian1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Yeah, seems even now months after the reveal the main reason people are talking about the Xbox One is because of something negative. From DRM to 180 to weaker hardware to degraded games to damage control to bad consumer relations (Don't like it? Buy a 360).

I don't think there will ever be two console reveals that are night and day different in their reception/reveal ever again like there has been with the PS4 and Xbox One.

And please, before anyone accuses me of trolling know that i am going to buy the Xbox One, because i don't have to like the company that makes the console in order to play its games :)

Kingthrash3601678d ago

this ^^ in a nutshell.
its so bad that ms excepted the "xbone" name. smh.....funny really.

pompombrum1678d ago

So true. My top 7 reasons for bringing up the Xbox One would be the stuff Microsoft will want to be distancing itself from.

JokesOnYou1678d ago

Yeah controversy sells too....especially when at the end of the day its a great console with great games and great for online gameplay.

Gozer1678d ago

All of that controversy has died down considerably since E3. MS changed their policies before it got too far out of hand. Now most of the talk is about the games and features. Minus the few anonymous "insiders" that drum up negative press for attention.

I pretty much agree with this article, although they left out a lot of cool features. The cloud is going to prove to be a huge advantage to MS. As someone who enjoys online MP, I can say without a doubt that dedicated servers has a lot to do with my choice of the X1. Anyone that enjoys online MP should be considering an X1. Because dedicated servers get rid of the majority of lag, host advantage, host migration, and server side modders/cheaters. That's a big selling point to any online gamer. They should have went more in depth about the cloud in this article.

XB1_PS41678d ago

Gozer, Dedicated servers is huge on my list aswell. Too many times have I been caught by bullet lag. Too many times have I know for a FACT that I was behind the wall before he shot me. I WONT TAKE IT ANYMORE! Dedicated servers is the way for me! YEAH

NatureOfLogic1678d ago

I think a lot of people will be shocked when WiiU sells better than Xbox One. Xbone is the current joke of the gaming community. That's the only reason people are talking about it. It's either something negative being said or someone defending it.

theBAWSE1678d ago

7 reasons why everyone is talking about the xbone... And who made this article?

clue is in the Web address

PR desperation at its finest.. embarrassing really

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Bigpappy1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

See how quickly you guys got here. You feel its your joy to decry any positives. The thing is you really can't. People see the games and the feature and decide where they want to spend their money.

Controversy is actually a good marketing tool. The thing is, that the games are great and more appealing than the competitor's.

BOLO1678d ago

"Controversy is actually a good marketing tool." You're on your way to working for M$FT's PR department.

Rimeskeem1678d ago

I think #1 should be the PS4 being the main reason people talk about it

Perjoss1678d ago

Not everyone is talking about it.

alexkoepp1678d ago

seems day in day out 4/5 hottest stories on n4g have to do with the xbox one

capjacksparrow1678d ago

Most of them are negative though.

Benjammin251678d ago

To be fair, a lot of people are talking about it...talking about what a piece of shit it is.

RiPPn1678d ago

lol.. I like the cut of your jib! 100% agree!

Godz Kastro1678d ago

Because its the only true next gen system. Not a bunch of off the shelf parts taped together...

News flash... I have a hundred friends on my list and they are all talking about it... Deal with it

805Junior8051678d ago

All the taped parts still work better and faster. MS made fun that the PS4 is just a PS3.5 but now the Xbox One is just a Xbox360 with a better Kinect and blu ray drive. The only thing anyone praises on the XboxOne is the Kinect. Get out of here. Your friends are probably the only ones that pre ordered and I bet you have JokesOnYou on your friends list huh?

Godz Kastro1678d ago

I wish... Joke is the coolest

Golden_Mud1678d ago

Actually I was online in GTA and some dudes began talking about a mechanic about the Xbox One recording Achievements and they were excited about it , so yeah .........

JokesOnYou1678d ago

Well Godz Kastro n4g friends request incoming.

Majin-vegeta1678d ago

Because its the only true next gen system.

Yet it can't due proper lighting or day/night cycles lol yea it's so next gen GTFO.

@jUNIOR Lol bubs+

TechMech21678d ago

Hey, I think juniors a troll and a fanboy, but Xbox one is next gen. I don't think it will be as powerful as ps4, but it still will be a powerful system. Forza has never had night tracks if I'm correct.

ABeastNamedTariq1678d ago

Lmaoooo, too funny...and sad.

pwnsause_returns1678d ago

damn, i felt like i read a PR statement masked as a user comment....

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spoonard1678d ago

In this particular case, I don't think it's a good thing...

beereal3601678d ago

Best console ever made I pre ordered two of them

FITgamer1678d ago

How did you manage to pre-order a PS2?