Money Murders Creativity

A polemic about the spiraling budgets of AAA games and their lack of creativity.

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GarrusVakarian1771d ago

Most of the time the bigger the game/franchise then the less risks the dev/pub takes in fear of losing profit. Which is why we see the most creative games from arcade/indie devs in my opinion, with a few exceptions of course.

Raccoon1771d ago

I feel like sony understands this and is thus giving more freedom to their 1st party studios... I still want studios to push boundaries and completely create new genres because now in days 3rd and 1st person view seem to be the GO TO mold for most games...

Roccetarius1771d ago

I feel like a perfect example of an ''AAA'' developer, is CDPR. I mean, they're taking the risk of going truly open world, which is what they've been building up for with previous games.