The Elder Scrolls Online PvP Mechanics Under Question

With the release of the latest “Ask Us Anything” from Zenimax Online came some exciting new information on a variety of mechanics in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls Online PvP is one of the most important aspects for many players, but has this announcement shed doubt on the ability for Zenimax to deliver?

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Campy da Camper1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

At first knowledge, I was overjoyed at the announcement. I even have a couple buddies in the industry who were really talking it up. But the more I read and what little I've seen its not resonating with me as say, the division or destiny or infamous. If this turns out to just be fallout graphics with basic dungeon crawling I might, for the first time ever, not buy an elder scrolls game.

If its like oblivion with seamless drop in drop out, great leveling system and loot, skyrim style open world and quests that do not involve stealing a fork then I might jump in. Paying per month is a commitment and with all the AAA games set for release on nextgen consoles, its not a matter of buying the one good game that release every couple months but actually having a selection of great online experiences.

The unsung hero of nextgen is CHOICE. We, gamers have an absolute plethora of games coming down the pike. So many titles vying for our dollars that we get to sit back and nitpick, weigh options and decide what we want to play rather than plop 60 bones down on something because there had not been a good game out for months.

Drithe1708d ago

The more game developers try to make a good pvp mmorpg the more Dark Age of Camelot looks amazing, even in it's ripe old age now, and believe me, it's age is showing.

Sometimes I think Mythic's masterpiece was just pure luck. The gamers input and fanatical devotion to DAOC is what made it the game it turned out to be. Countless nerfs and buffs of all the different classes did not matter, because most of the time every adapted and fought like hell.

What separated this game was that the three different realms had huge lands that were completely different from the others. Each class was completely different, using different styles and magics, and there were at least 30 different classes!

This game was extremely hardcore and extremely unforgiving, in both pve and especially pvp.

No game in the history of MMORPGS has given the intense long huge player filled battles that Dark Age of Camelot did. People took that game very seriously back in the beginning, again, especially with pvp.

Nothing better than having 600 + people(200+ or more for all 3 realms) fighting for one relic. The strategy for pvp in this game was just insane and intense.

Love live the mother of all pvp mmorpg's, Dark Age of Camelot.

thekhurg1708d ago

You know what else is under question? The subscription fee and why Bethesda is ignorant enough to think it'll work at that price tag.