Maybe Bioshock Infinite wasn’t all that

Gaming Trend editor Sean Lama writes: "There’s lots of reason to love Infinite and I would be remiss to argue that the story is anything less than brilliant – I spent weeks thinking about it after the credits rolled. And at moments the art direction and set pieces screamed at me from the monitor and left me in awe. But it’s not enough to mask the rest of the game’s pain points, especially since I already made that concession once before."

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rigbybot1271767d ago

It wasn't, but it was still pretty good.

Crazay1767d ago

I liked the game well enough, I didn't love it though.

Xristo1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

The story of Bioshock Infinite was awesome. Especially the ending. Gameplay was just "good" for me, though. Nothing special. With that said, I'm looking forward to going back to Rapture as I prefer that setting to Columbia.

AnotherProGamer1767d ago

Don't hate me for this but the story wasn't that good if you actually notice what's going on it makes no sense and has a lot plotholes and inconsistencies

Go easy on me guys

ginsunuva1766d ago

Story seemed like an 11 year old wrote it after watching some 80s time travel movie and wanting to make his own convoluted one.

Concertoine1767d ago

to be honest i kind of wish the game hadn't come out, or at least hadnt related to the first game in the way it did. the tangential timeline mess really lessens the impact of the events of the other games, makes them almost trivial in the sense that they are impermanent.
it also invited this ever speculating fanbase that will believe any slapped together nonsensical theory (songbird in bioshock 1!!1!) no matter how much evidence points against it.
it was a good game, but i honestly feel if it kept to its own universe or at least disregarded the other games, and it wasn't held back by the first person shooter formula it would be a much better game to me.

Jovanian 1767d ago

The gameplay was just too repetitive compared to bioshock 1 and even 2. The enemies weren't interesting and they weren't varied, and the skyline thing is fun but amounts to just a gimmick. The weapons were lame compared to bioshock 1 and 2 weapons, which were far more interesting because of how home-made they looked and the fact that upgrades changed the aesthetic of the weapon.

The visuals were pretty awesome but pretty soon the environment became too overused, and I got sick of seeing the same bright sunny columbian skies over and over

Concertoine1767d ago

2 still has the most in depth and intricate combat in the series! the way plasmids did actual different things when they leveled up, how you could pick up frozen enemies no matter how big, the rocket spears, combining plasmids. that game is damn well made in terms of combat, not so much story.
i think 2 is very underrated personally.

thelaughingwiseman1767d ago

I played this game so much that I unlocked all achievements without noticing. It took up like a good 4-5 days of me playing through it over and over. I really loved the setting, the conversations, interacting with the Leutces and Comstock. Everything about it was just straight up fun.

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