Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Now Available to Pre-Order

Amazon have launched a pre-order page for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX, announced earlier this morning. The collection, which contains Kingdom Hearts 2, Birth By Sleep and the cutscenes from ReCoded, will be out some time in 2014.

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CGI-Quality1805d ago

Kingdom Hearts III may as well have been a PS4 exclusive at this point! It would be an ultimate system seller and probably do the series' biggest #s!

kreate1805d ago

Square enix make exclusives if they get paid extra.

M-M1805d ago

It's still going to be a system seller, I doubt many people are going to play it on the Xbox One.

hkgamer1805d ago

yeah being a PS4 exclusive would have made 3 the series biggest sales numbers.. But I am pretty sure that selling on Xbone and PS4 would produce even bigger numbers.

I'm a PS4/sony fan and i would have loved it if it was an exclusive but this is definitely one of those games that doesn't need to be an exclusive title.

serratos271805d ago

I knew this was going to come out. Didn't get 1.5 HD but I'll ptobably get this one since it comes with BBS. Damn KH3 is still a far from reach though :(

LAWSON721805d ago

BBS is amazing once you get used to the gameplay mechanics. The only thing I can complain about is the worlds get old after the 2nd trip, though getting awesome unique moves for each character keeps it fun. If you have not played it and like to have a KH console experience it is a must play. I emulated it since I had already bought and got to experience it in HD and it looks as good if not better than KH 1 and 2.

I am mostly excited to finally play Final Mix KH2