The Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 28 This Week

October 18, 1985 goes down as the day that forever changed video gaming in North America.

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ZBlacktt1802d ago

I would play Zelda some 10 hours a day, lol. Was so my favorite game at the time. Still on it and a NES today.

king_george1802d ago

Haha im a younger gamer but i actually played it a couple months back and im impressed how well this legendary system still holds up. And they were so well built back then! Truly a timeless system and why i still love nintendo for all their contributions to the gaming community.

ZBlacktt1801d ago

Between Zelda and Mario. The NES took over like nothing else at the time and that lasted a long time. So many great games on that system.

ForNgoods1802d ago

HBD NES! you made my childhood awesome.

AbortMission1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Back when Nintendo focused on GAMES AND GAMERS as well as 3RD PARTY SUPPORT.

The Seal of quality is dead, sadly.

Agent_00_Revan1801d ago

Man, I was born 2 days before the NES launched. I have so many great memories of playing that system. I was 3 when I got mine.