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As an introduction to a brand new adventure game series, The Wolf Among Us is sublime. Everything is presented with such enthusiastic flair and obvious love for the source material that minor problems, such as annoying pauses during some scene transitions and the meagre 2 hour completion time, can at least be forgiven, if not completely ignored. The various decisions made by players won’t pay off right away, but this is without question an experience worth investing in. Acting as a prequel to the comic books, even newcomers can dive right in and immediately become wrapped up in Bill Willingham’s wonderful fantasy world. The biggest compliment that can be paid to The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1: Faith is that it will no doubt compel many gamers to seek out the comic books upon which it is based. Telltale Games has done it again – dark, gripping and quite simply, magical.

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GarrusVakarian1802d ago

Man, this has been getting some really good reviews. I might have to check this out seeing as i loved Telltales TWD.


it's short as hell but very entertaining...can't wait for episode 2.