Beyond: Two Souls (Cinelinx Review) - One of The Most Brilliant Games Made

Console: PS3

What We Played: The Entire Game, plus several alternate timelines.

When Beyond: Two Souls was first announced, I was rather unsure what it really was. They were marketing it as an action oriented title, then slowly crept into it being a story driven title. Luckily they showcased the story driven part more and I became interested in it. This is what the game is, a long story that will make you go through emotions at the snap of a finger. It has its hiccups, but the game should go down in the books as one of the best titles ever made.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1742d ago

Wow the reviews are so mixed. I got it but haven't been able to play it much.

Soldierone1742d ago

I think it depends on rather or not you let the game put you in their world. If you go into it thinking about reviewing the game, you will never let it capture you like it should. If you simply pop it in and play it, you will have a whole new experience.

You just need to let it be your world while you play it, and pay attention. Instead of counting pixels and thinking what to say in a review.

PsylentKiller1742d ago

It is an excellent movie but an OK game. QD could have given the player a little more control of the story. Maybe it was that the game was broken up into scrambled scenes. Some scenes QD had you say or do one thing and then it was back to the timeline and another loading screen. Don't get me wrong, if I were to review this game it would get 4 out of 5 stars but only because the storyline, graphics, audio, and soundtrack were so great. The gameplay is what kept it from a perfect score. Now I understand it was meant to be a QTE game but there were not enough QTE's. There were more point and click sections than action sequences when there were plenty of areas where they could have added some.

So, should every person, gamer or not? Without a doubt, Yes. It's an interactive movie with an excellent story. This game is perfect for the person who never picked up a controller. It is also great for the hardcore gamer because QD is trying to elevate storytelling in gaming to a level where it can be taken as seriously as every other artistic medium. For Christ's Sake! It made it into the TriBeCa Film Festival! This is a great achievement for the gaming community. Even if you don't like the game you have to respect what it has done.

Soldierone1742d ago

I say the same thing, its just that added effort from the gameplay that it lacked. They could have included puzzles for Aiden too. It seemed like you were not allowed to make Aiden more complex that it had to be. For example every time I got him, I would try to do something fun like distract a guard, or create some sort of distraction, but it wouldn't ever work. It always had to be a specific route, which was kinda lame. Not game breaking by any means, just that extra effort would have been golden.

PsylentKiller1742d ago

Exactly, that scene on the train before the Jodie notices the police. Why couldn't we do more with Aiden then just wake Jodie up. Maybe we could have locked the doors or shut the lights. Any choice would have been great but instead we were forced to wake her up. The next scene wouldn't play unless you did so. Aiden could only possess people if they were glowing orange or choke them if red. Come on, QD! I know your better than that.

GameSpawn1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Nothing more was added to the game because the complexity of the scenes that needed to be shot would have gone through the roof.

You have to remember how Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain were made. Compared to many other games there is VERY little AI in terms of the NPCs. Their actions are very limited in order to suit the scene. Everything major action-wise is scripted motion capture (Quantic Dream's specialty is being a motion capture studio after all).

When you take into account the permutations of scenes already in the game it begins to put into scope the amount of motion capture that has been put in to this thing, even for how simple and linear it may seem on the surface.

Personally I have approached Beyond how I approached Heavy Rain in that I didn't approach it as a game. I went in much like I would go into a movie for the cinematic experience. Just to help illustrate a bit more there are basically two types of movie goers; those who go in for cinematics (cinematography, acting, story-writing, musical scores, etc) and then there are those that go in for entertainment. Think Citizen Kane vs's cinematic the other is entertainment.

I would think that someone going into Heavy Rain or Beyond for "entertainment" may loose interest very quickly for the fact they "do not see the forest for the trees". By this I mean they are not giving the game it's proper respect by looking at it from a more open minded yet critical point of view and taking in everything (the whole experience) and then making their judgment on how they enjoyed the game.

Yes as far as a "game" goes Beyond can be nit picked and have some flaws. Yes, to be more of a game they could have added more features with Aiden. But the whole cinematic experience created by David Cage would have suffered due to the sacrifices that would have been made to make these things possible.

Quantic Dream's games are just niche games for niche gamers. They are intentionally made vastly different from "normal" games to set themselves out and provide something new and refreshing. Some critics may have a problem with this, but I think it is due to their approach from before they hit "Start" (much like Soldierone pointed out in #1.1).

To each his own. Frankly, I love Beyond and Heavy Rain as much as I love really well made movies (notice "well made" does not imply entertaining -- something can be entertaining but not "well made").

ibrake4naps1742d ago

One of sony's more unique and best developers

LaFleur1741d ago

Literally love this game! Everyone must try it!