Traversing Wildstar's Nexus: A Developer Q&A With Carbine Studios & Amie Lynn | Games Abyss

Matt Randisi writes, Greetings all! Games Abyss had the pleasure of attending New York Comic-Con this year and we paid a lengthy visit to the booth of one of our most anticipated games of next year, I speak of course of Wildstar. Anyone that has been paying attention since PAX East (if you haven't, we forgive you. But start paying attention!) knows that we've been on top new developments as they come out, this past weekend was no exception! We are pleased to bring you our floor interview with Senior Community Manager of Carbine Studios David Bass, and a very special guest in cosplay model Amie Lynn who talks to us about her very first New York Comic-con experience and what it's like to don the Aurin ears! So grab your favorite bunny rabbit or sadistic hamster, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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