GTA 5 Online - Max Your Strength Stat in 10 Minutes

In GTA 5 Online, you can max your strength skill in 10 minutes!

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beer_baron1375d ago

It's the name you love to touch!

grumpc1375d ago

''thanks, I got it from a hair dryer''

xHeavYx1375d ago

I wonder if there is a special reason why a friend is needed. Can't I just kick a random car?

beer_baron1375d ago

The car has to have somebody inside, and if the AI is driving the car, they will drive away.

xHeavYx1375d ago

What about an empty car? Maybe your own?

maximus19851375d ago

uh oh a glitch!!!?? quick microsoft ban all our consoles!

swishersweets200311375d ago

this kind of stuff just takes the fun out of the game progression. i rather just earn it over time then doing some cheap glitch to get it.

charted1375d ago

0.35-0.38 is the funniest.