Best Buy Restocks Xbox One Day One Edition Pre-Orders Online

Hardcore Gamer: The Day One Edition of MS's next console is expected to be in short supply and in high demand, which makes Best Buy's restock of them today a Godsend.

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RealGamerspeaks1735d ago

cant wait for my day one edition...... MS haters go ahead and dash the system

Dread1735d ago

surprised you were able to say something positive about ms before the SDF got here.

Day one for me 2!!!!!

gusgusjr1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Same for me, have 3 games reserved for each system. For Xbox One, I have Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Call of Duty: Ghost. I'm not into racing games like I used to be but thinking of adding Forza. Would also like D4, Crimson Dragon and Killer Instinct. I'm trying to get all physical copies reserved and out of the way first. Getting Watchdogs, Assassins Creed 4 Battlefield 4 and Killzone on ps4. Any suggestions on any other titles for the xbox one? Wish I could try some titles in person and know what some kinect related features will be exclusive to the one.

nukeitall1735d ago

I got both an Xbox One and PS4 reserved. Deciding on the PS4, but definitely keeping the Xbox One.

Games wise, I'm going all digital for instant switching so no pre-order of games for me.

BOLO1735d ago

xbox winning...last place.

gamertk4211735d ago

Haha, they're getting lazy! Just disagrees instead of comments.

s8anicslayer1735d ago

Speaking of best buy, I bought Halo 4 which they have on sale for this week for $9.99 online with in store pick up, picked up my copy got home to look at the cover and see Masterchief staring back at me,what's this I say cause I knew this wasn't the original cover art and upon closer inspection they gave me the GOTY ED. for $9.99. Talk about a score. I should order from best buy a lot more...XD

aviator1891735d ago

You got lucky, lol.
I went to go pick one up for one of my cousins and got the standard edition..

RealGamerspeaks1735d ago

hey buddy's who all getting xbone please send me your GT so we can all link up

aviator1891735d ago

Slain Valhallan.
Look for me playing dead rising 3 after midnight launch. :D

christocolus1735d ago

hurry up guys get yours before its all dried up again.

BigShotSmoov0071735d ago

I already have my day one edition payed off along with BF4, Ryse & Dead Risiing 3 with a extra controller and recharge kit. I'm all set for the 22nd. Plus I'm going to buy Killer Instint.

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