New Project CARS Video Welcomes Us To Next-Gen Era (Ultra settings + DX11.1)

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's member 'ADRIANF1esp' shared a new video from Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racer, Project CARS, showing off the graphic potential of Project CARS with a custom camera position."

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fever1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I think forza 5 better, it would be nice to get some side by side shots

CGI-Quality1766d ago

Graphically? It's not even close. I'm in the beta and Project CARS runs laps around ANY console racer.

admj831766d ago

if you read the description the pc that plays these "super sci fi tech" has a radeon 7850. ps4 uses a custom 7870 with 8 gb ram. so basically ps4 can have better visuals

CGI-Quality1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

@ amdj: Um, on PS4, no matter how close the power to THIS PC, Project CARS on any enthusiast PC, will look better. This should have to be reiterated, though. Just because something "can" have better visuals elsewhere (which makes no sense, given this is ONE rig), the bottom line is the game will look better on PC. Period.

Neonridr1765d ago

@admj83 - PS4 does NOT use a custom 7870. My 2GB 7870 puts out more TFLOPS than what the PS4 can output by a significant margin. If by custom you mean a scaled down version of it, then call it whatever you want.

brich2331766d ago

This doesn't look like next gen, it looks like every other racing game.

ProjectVulcan1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

You have to remember its not nearly complete yet, some tracks look vastly better than others. I would say it won't be "out" for at least another 6 months. Forza 5 has probably already gone gold if not in the next week to make release.

For example Bathurst is one of the tracks that is closer to finished and because of that, looks insane especially in a storm.

If you have seen the best this game has to offer with more finished assets then you wouldn't say what you have said.

Have you played it? Have you seen what I'm talking about?

I suspect not, but I have, I have been a member since October 2011, very early on. The leaps the game has made is amazing in these 2 years.

Genuinely this game beats the poop out of any direct feed gameplay seen of Forza 5 and Driveclub graphically.

People always seem to forget that all these fancy trailers like Forza 5, the game never actually looks exactly like that in gameplay Its smoke and mirrors high end assets and photo modes. Everything you see in Project CARS is EXACTLY how the game looks IN GAMEPLAY.

The quality of the more advanced effects like the motion blur or dynamic shadows or the resolution of the assets and the trees and the the charts on Bathurst.

It'll be the best looking racer when it is finished, by a country mile, I guarantee it and nothing on the next gen consoles will touch it for years.

lilbroRx1766d ago

Your statement is fanboy vision at its finest. This is the most realistic racing game to ever exist.

Its built on the most modern tech.

The PS4/Xboxone "can't" produce the visuals you are seeing on the PC version. You are seeing game using tech that is beyond the next gen consoles already.

CrusRuss1766d ago

This is current gen (for PC anyway). Next gen is 4k. Consoles barely catching up to current gen lol.

MrDead1766d ago

So if a company where to make 4K Pong that would be next gen? I thought next gen was more to do with new game engines then resolution.

lilbroRx1766d ago

This game supports 4k. Its on their site.

SirDjss1766d ago

So u mean that i game on my pc with 5880x1080 must then be 8K. Then i cant wait to try out this game with my 3 monitors with that resolution ;) my young friend 4K in pc world is old news lol

webeblazing1766d ago

this game going to set the bar for racing sims

EximiusNebula1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

One thing I notice from the video is the absence of gear shifting animation.

YourSavior1766d ago

There is an animation. Watch any other video and you will see it.

EximiusNebula1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yes, I know there is. I watch many Project Car videos and they show the shifts. It bewilders me why this video is missing it. Could be a beta being shown.

WarThunder1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Looks great! but i think Assetto Corsa looks better.

Lighting in AC looks so good reminds me of GT5 :D
But still im getting Pcars, AC and GT6!

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